March Favourites… Let’s Chat!!


March Favourites

My friends!! Let’s chat about my March Favourites! I know I say this EVERY SINGLE MONTH, but I honestly don’t know where the time is going! This last 12 months have FLOWN. I blame covid?! I blame old age! I blame SCROLLING! Whatever it is, the time has flown! Anyway, It’s March 2021 and it’s time to chat about favourites! Let’s go!

fashion for lunch home labels for lunch house


No joke!! I cried SO much leaving our last house as I loved it so much, but I wanted to be closer to family and it just made sense. But honestly, I sobbed so hard I had to hide from the removal men and I couldn’t even keep it together for a quick selfie before we left. I love our new home but it was hard leaving our beautiful Victorian house with the wonderful staircase… We have only been here a week or two but I’m already feeling settled and it’s such a beautiful house and I can’t wait to make it filled with original features and lots of lovely antiques and cute finds!

new iphone pro max


That’s right!!! I finally retired my iPhone 8 and I am SO happy!!!! I was never happy with my iPhone 8, I had the regular size which was kinda too small and it didn’t have the portrait mode option with the camera, which I didn’t realise when I ordered it, so I have spent the last two (and a bit!) years resenting this phone! Anyway, it was finally time to upgrade, so I took the plunge and went for the iPhone 12 max pro! Boom! Also, as much as I love upgrading my phone for the latest model, I 100% dread the switch over as SO often I feel like I get it wrong and end up loosing years of photos. Is that just me?

Inside My Colourful Margate Airbnb!

TV I’ve been Loving…

I used to love quite heavy documentaries, but recently I’ve been needing more lighthearted fun stuff that I can dip in and out of, I loved Superstore, I’m now finally watching the American Office which I’ve been meaning to watch for years and generally just loving more lighthearted, easy, fun TV. Although saying that, I did really love Greta, which was kinda mind blowing and also the Netflix documentary about Bikram yoga… let me google it… Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator. So good, well, bad, but interesting. You know what I mean.


Spring Clothes

Ah! It’s been SO nice getting out my Spring clothes! Cotton dresses and chunky cardigans and Chanel espadrilles! I’m here for it!!! I just ned to get unpacking all my clothes and I will be ready! Right now, I’m still very much in leggings and a hoody, decorator style! I honestly can’t wait for the shops to open, bring on the vintage shops and charity shops, I’m SO ready for a rummage!

bundle of baked goods

Galaxy Brownie Mix

I have had a couple of friends and family members round to sit in our garden since it became legal and it’s been so nice (and so strange!) being able to bake treats! I’m not gonna lie and pretend I’ve been baking cakes, but I did buy some frozen croissants which are legit good and also the Galaxy brownies (and blondies) and Twix cookie mix packs are the BEST thing. I was kind enough to get sent a box of them (see above) and truly, they are life changing!!! You literally can’t get them wrong, they smell incredible and they taste amazing. I feel like a hostess without the effort – or potential food poisoning! Oh and I usually pimp them up a bit, just so I can feel like I put my own spin on them!

bathroom makeover

Bathroom Mini Makeover

When we moved into our house one of the bathrooms was so gross I have only been in once… no really! A second one had fluffy blue carpet but could be made decent and the other one was… not great either, but marginally newer. Anyway, the one with the fluffy blue carpet I knew had potential in the short term so I ripped up the carpet, gave it a clean and added in a few accessories and now I think it looks legit nice! It was a no budget quick fix, but I’m happy with it until the real renovations start!

burts bees squeezy tinted lip balm watermelon rush

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balms

This month Burt’s Bees released tinted lip balms and they are super fun! They are in a squeezy tube and each one is scented in a fun fruity smell with a really pretty tint. I personally like the Watermelon Rush one the best, it’s a really pretty soft colour and smells super delicious too! Highly recommended!

podcasts I love

Podcasts I’ve Loved Lately…

This month I have done a lot of packing and renovating so I have been plugged in a LOT to both music and podcasts. I haven’t discovered any new podcasts in a while, so forgive my usual shoutouts of Kesha & The Creepies, Hell & Gone, The Alarmist and This is Love, but aside from that I have also been loving watching old festival performances from My Chemical Romance on YouTube. As for the radio, it’s from VQ and I LOVE it!

ole henricksen skincare

Ole Henricksen Skincare

This month I have been using AND LOVING Ole Henricksen skincare. I have part of the vitamin C range and the cleanser is so fresh and lovely and leaves my skin brighter and never stripped and the serum is giving me the glow I CRAVE!!!! I just need to invest in more of the range but what I have tried so far, I flippin’ love!!!

How To Wear A Face Mask & Glasses Without Fogging Up! steaming up tutorial


Finally, it feels like freedom is on the horizon and I am here for it!!!

And there we have it, March favourites!!! I hope you like, thank you SO much for reading as ever and I hope you had a bloomin’ great month!

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