TEN Podcasts I’m Loving Right Now!

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TEN Podcasts I’m Loving Right Now!

Hi Friends! I’m back again and today I want to share ten podcasts I’m loving right now! As you might already know, I’m a BIG fan of podcasts and I’ve worked my way around some brilliant shows, so today I thought I would do a little catch up and share ten podcasts I can’t stop listening to! Go search them on the apple podcast app, stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts because these are all worth binging!

Kesha & The Creepies

Who knew, popstar Kesha has a podcast all about creepy shiz and I’m loving her and loving her show!

The Alarmist

A mix of history, comedy and placing blame! I LOVE it and I learn a lot about tragic events. ‘They say history repeats itself, not on my watch!’

We Need To Talk About Britney

LOVE this podcast, I really do need to talk about Britney! #FREEBRITNEY


Iconic crime based podcast.

The Bechdel Cast

Film & Feminism. It’s really interesting chatting about favourite films with a modern feminist lens.

The Cut

For when I’m feeling smart.

Generation Why

For when I need some soothing true crime.

Hell & Gone

A fairly new true crime show that’s really well produced

Root Of Evil

So good, if you haven’t listened yet, you must! All about the Black Dahlia

Filling The Void

Currently on hiatus, but a great podcast all about the love of hobbies.

And there we have it! Just a quick post to catch you up on what I think are the best podcasts around at the moment! Also, my radio is by VQ, it was a gift from them ages ago and I flippin’ love it!

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