My Review of L’Oréal Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water!

L'Oréal Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water Review 1

My Review of L’Oréal Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water!

Hello friends! Today I thought I would do a quick review of the much-hyped L’Oréal Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water. I was going to out this in my monthly faves post, but to be honest, I really wanted to give this product it’s own ‘moment’ because it truly deserves it!

When it comes to hair masks, I have GREAT intentions, but dreadful follow-through. I find hair masks SUCH an imposition! I know they work great and I know I *should* use them, but I hate that whole get-in-the-shower-get-out-the-shower-get-back-in-the-shower-get-out-the-shower-to-a-wet-towel situation. It’s just not for me. Especially in the winter months when my Victorian house is flippin’ freezing and I just don’t want to be damp for 20 minutes whilst the mask works it’s magic… I know it’s first world problems, but I need to share my truth! Anyyyyhoooo! I was inspired to try this product after reading Laura Lou’s blog post, it sounded like my ideal hair product, but like everyone else I was thinking:

‘Does it REALLY work in just 8 seconds?!’

The answer is yes, although I may have given it more like 20 seconds to work, but seriously, who’s counting… as long as it’s not 20 minutes, I’m happy!

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How To Use L’Oréal Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water?

  • Just wash hair with shampoo as usual and then apply directly to wet hair, avoid the scalp and try to only get the lengths of your hair.
  • Massage into the hair for 8 seconds and rinse out.
  • Use 2-3 times a week after shampoo and use 1 dose for fine to medium textured hair, 2-3 doses for thick to curly textured hair, add 1 more dose if you have extra-long hair.
  • The dose amounts are marked on the side of the bottle. Easy.

L'Oréal Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water Review 1

L’Oréal Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water Review

As promised, L’Oréal Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water is a water consistency; so it was a little hard to apply on to my hair. At first I tried to put it in my hand like I would conditioner and but I quickly realised it was easier to apply it directly onto my hair using the nozzle, with my hand cupped underneath to try and capture any drips. I squeezed a bit, rubbed a bit and by the time I had thought to myself ‘This smells nice’, I realised it was time to rinse.

Time wise, I probably spent longer trying to figure out the best way to get the product onto my hair than I spent massaging it into my hair and the whole process took less time than a regular conditioner would. In fact, it was so fast, I think I washed my hair in record time AND saved a few gallons of water in the process. I towel dried and blow dried my hair as normal and voila! I was done!

Honestly… I’m IMPRESSED! REALLY IMPRESSED. True to it’s name, it’s a wonder water. It’s so flippin’ fast to use and the results are great! In fact, all day long I’ve been thinking how my hair looks and feels healthier and more hydrated and it felt really nice. In 8 seconds, this miracle product gets you to about 90% of what a really good hair mask would get you to in 20 minutes. Less effort, less wasted water and less time. I’m an instant devotee and I will be repurchasing this time and time again! I’m SO impressed and if you are lazy AF when it comes to hair masks, then I honestly can’t recommend this enough! Don’t ask me how it works… but it works and it’s really flippin’ fast too!

Thank you for reading My Review of L’Oréal Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water! I hope you like it! If you have any questions let me know. You can buy this product at Boots, Superdrug and Amazon. This post contains press samples and affiliate links.

L'Oréal Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water Review 1