Let’s Talk About February Faves!


Let’s Talk About February Faves!

Wow! That went by in a FLASH! Are you ready to chat about February faves?! On the eve of freedom, these are the things I have been loving the most… Let’s go!

vintage hand chair wood carved

Thinking About Charity Shops…

I’ve spent a LOT of time this month thinking about how much I miss charity shops! I know that sounds crazy, but I truly miss shopping for vintage and having a good rummage around the rails! Sure, I love a bit of eBay for gems like this hand chair, but there’s nothing quite like finding an 80’s mohair bejewelled cardigan in the flesh, y’know?

this works stress check hand shield

This Works Hand Sanitiser

I recently got a little bottle of This Works Hand Sanitiser in a PR package and it’s honestly the best hand sanitiser ever. It smells super nice (it contains their stress check essential oils) and it’s got hyaluronic acid inside to hydrate skin. Truly the best hand sanitiser ever! It is a little more expensive than basic hand sanitiser, but it is 10 times nicer! Highly recommended!!

harvey jones kitchen navy blue fashion for lunch blog kitchen gordon the dog kitchen floor


I know he’s a bit of a black blob in every photo, but I love him so much! He just roams around the house sleeping on different pieces of furniture, smiling (yes, he lifts his doggy top lip to flash his teeth and smile) and every time we eat he looks as us as if to say ‘Great, snack time, what are we having!?’. Bless him!

golden hour silk face masks

Golden Hour Silk Face Masks

I was recently sent these dreamy Golden Hour Silk Face Masks and they are so beautiful and luxe! I have the pleated and non-pleated version, in a mix of blush pink, plum and black. My favourites are the pleated desk and I honestly feel like my skin likes me more for wearing these ones over cotton ones! The elastic is adjustable, so they are a nice snug fit and I just think they look super pretty! Honestly can’t recommend them enough for how pretty, comfortable and effective they feel, plus they are super affordable compared to a lot of other luxury masks on the market, at just over £5 each I’m super impressed!



This month we watched quite a lot of TV, rare for us! We binged watched Superstore, which was really easy and fun – would totally recommend! Aside from that, we watched The Dig, which I wasn’t into at all, it was beautifully shot, but I was just not into it, I think I’m really craving fun and light TV at the moment. Aside from that, I loved Made You Look about fakes in the art market. Loved it! (photo taken at George & Heart)

teapots cleanse tea

Teapigs ‘Cleanse’

Teapigs ‘Cleanse’ is my favourite of all the Teapigs blends, it’s delicious and fresh and honestly makes me feel so much better. It’s helped me cut down my coffee intake and feel less anxious.

Paco Rabanne x The Happy Blossoms FREE FLOWERS!

Happy Blossoms Dried Flowers!

I have been eyeing up The Happy Blossoms dried flowers for a while now and I was intending to order myself some when I got some in the post as part of a gift with purchase deal! I blogged about the deal here, but honestly, I’m SO thrilled with the flowers!! They truly are SO happy!


Dreaming About Staycations…

This month I have spent a LOT of time thinking about staycations and planning them in my head. I want to go to Wales, The New Forest, Cambridge, Brighton… there’s so many places I wan to explore this Summer… ahhhh I can’t believe we might soon be able to leave the house!!! It’s going to be wild!! Also if you want to know where to stay in Margate here’s my guide!


Korres Shower Gel

I have a LOT of love in my heart for Korres products and this month I have been loving their Sea Lavender Shower Gel, it’s a delightfully coastal scent and it’s wonderful in the bath or shower, but I personally use it in the shower as it’s a lovely one for the morning. If you are new to Korres and you want to try them out, I would recommend keeping an eye on their products at QVC as they do TSV’s once in a while where you can find them for incredible value. The Olive range is also stunning!

…And there we have it, I hope you like this post, sorry it’s a bit shorter, but there’s not much going on here AND it’s  shorter month… hopefully next month will be a little more exciting. Also this post contains press samples and affiliate links.