Let’s Do A Kate Spade Knott Bag Review!

kate spade knott bag review

Let’s Do A Kate Spade Knott Bag Review!

My friends!!! Let’s Do A Kate Spade Knott Bag Review! I am so excited for this post, I LOVE Kate Spade and when the brand asked me if I wanted to share their latest handbag release with you all, I jumped at the chance! This cute little knot bag comes in adorable poppy ice cream colours and it’s super cute with jeans and a white blouse or a vintage dress on hot sunny days! Let’s chat price, design options, sizes, what fits inside and so much more! Let’s go!


Kate Spade is an affordable luxury brand. They make great quality items which are designed to be worn to live your best, most colourful life. The bag is made from a high quality pebble leather which is soft to touch and has a more traditional leather finish. Some of the Kate Spade leather bags have been much heavier treated and have more of a plastic, wipe-clean style finish, where as this bag is a little more luxe with it’s soft grain leather finish. Personally I prefer this finish, it feels little more luxurious and it’s really tactile to carry. However, it is a little less durable than some of my other Kate Spade bags, it’s still beautifully made and will last you a long time, but if you are prone to spilling your coffee down your bag or you live in a rainy city and prefer not to carry umbrellas, this style of leather might not be for you!

As for the hardware, it’s glossy gold tone an high quality, as is the durable lining. At the base of the bag you will find little stands so your bag wont touch any dirty table tops and the stitching, edges and general craftsmanship is beautiful. It’s classic Kate Spade quality and craftsmanship but a little more luxe than usual thanks to it’s soft-to-touch pebble leather.

kate spade knott bag review

kate spade knott bag review

Design Options & Colour Ways

The Kate Spade knott bag comes in three different sizes; Small, medium and large, and this season it comes in black, coral, aqua, lemon, off white, grey and black. This top handbag bag also comes with a detachable shoulder strap so it can also be carried as a top handle tote, a long shoulder bag, or as a cross body bag. The smallest size Knott bag looks especially cute as a cross body bag, whilst the bigger bag looks super chic worn in your hand!

The knott bag features the Kate Spade New York logo on the front and a leather knott detail on the sides. It’s a simple, classic bag with a Kate Spade twist. It’s affordable, high quality and super cute with a smart edge. I love these ice cream colours for the Summer months and the general style of the bag will make you look cute, but pulled together. This bag gives me preppy Taylor Swift vibes, back when she used to wear cute coloured dresses and Chanel ballet pumps. Adorable!

The bag has one large section in the centre with a large zip section at the back of the bag and a small slip pocket on the inside of the main large section. The main large section is essentially open, however, there is a little clip so you can give it a little extra security, but personally, I find the clip a little fiddly on-the-go, but because of the shape of the bag and the tapering off at the top, it feels nice and secure to carry. Plus you can always put your valuables in the zip section if you need!

Finally, the long shoulder strap is adjustable and detachable. It easily clips in via the small D-rings on the inside of the bag, which is really nice as it keeps the clean lines of the bag.

Designers guild chair with aqua coloured bag

kate spade knott bag review


What Fits Inside The Kate Spade Knott Bag

The Kate Spade Knott bag comes in three sizes, the smallest of which is perfect for purse, phone, keys and a tiny bit of make up. The medium size can fit an iPad mini in as well as a small compact camera or a notebook on top of the basics. As for the larger size, this is perfect for a very small laptop or iPad, which is super handy. Plus it’s nice a sturdy so an iPad without a case would feel safe inside. The base of the bag is nice and wide so whilst the bag looks neat and compact, it fits more inside than you might think!

Measurements of The Kate Spade Knott Bag

The Kate Spade Knott bag comes in three sizes, here are the measurements:

  • Mini: 9.8″h x 9.4″w x 3.9″d
  • Medium: 11″h x 12″w x 5″d
  • Large: 14.2″h x 12.5″w x 5.5″d

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kate spade knott bag review

Aqua coloured handbag

Where To Wear & How To Style

The Kate Spade Knott bag comes in three different sizes and five different colour ways. Personally, I think the smaller Knott bag looks the best worn with the long shoulder strap, worn as a cross body bag. Where as the larger tote bag looks better worn as a handbag, without the shoulder strap. That’s just my opinion of course! As for the medium size, I think this one can go either way, depending on your size and how you want it to look!

The Kate Spade Knott bag is a fairly simple shaped bag, which comes in really bold popping colours, which means it’s a REALLY fun bag to style up! It looks super cute with print-heavy summer dresses, or with a colour blocked trousers, blazer and breton top outfit. You can have a lot of fun styling up this bag, especially in the summer months!

As for the Knott bag in the black, it’s simple, chic and perfect for all seasons. The Knott in the black or chalk is also a brilliant office bag, especially in the larger size as it will fit your iPad / small laptop inside, plus plenty of work snacks! You know I love to carry snacks around with me!

Finally, to round out my Kate spade knot bag review, I think the thing I love the most about the knott bag is that it’s super simple, great quality and you can make of it what you want. If you are looking for a cute every day work bag – the Knott in black or chalk is great! If you are looking for a popping summer small sized bag, then it’s adorable in the mini size in a bright colour. You can mix it up and style it up how you want it because it’s essentially a classic handbag with a Kate Spade twist! Plus if you want to jazz it up, you can tie a twilly around the handles and add a bag charm!

The joy of the Kate Spade Knott bag is exactly that; it’s cute, classic and practical. It can be worn in multiple ways with oodles of different outfits and looks. If you choose the perfect size and colour for your style, this bag can literally be your everyday bag and work with every look. It’s cute enough to make an impact and simple enough to work with every look. And like I say, if you want to have a little extra fun, add stickers, scarves, bag charms and twilly’!

Are Kate Spade bags worth the money?

Yes, Kate Spade bags are worth the money. They are a ‘cool girl’ handbag, very cute and indie and perfect for a girl who loves fashion but doesn’t want a ‘serious’ designer handbag. They are well made, good quality and really fun designs. They hold their value well if you ever want to sell your Kate Spade bag and they are really hardwearing. They also have great sales if you want to buy a Kate Spade bag for a cheaper price.

Are Kate Spade handbags good quality?

Yes, Kate Spade bags are well made and good quality. Both the leather and the coated canvas bags have been well treated so they are protected from rains, food stains and general dirt and wear and tear. I have a white Kate spade bag from around 6 or 7 years ago and it still looks great with minimal marks and damage to it!

Is Kate Spade bags real leather?

Yes, Kate Spade bags are made from real leather, however, they have been heavily treated to make them super hardwearing and robust. So if any of them have an almost ‘plastic’ feel to the leather, this is the treatment and they are made of real leather. However, they do have some coated canvas bags, so it’s always worth checking with the sales assistant or the description on the website to check the material.

Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my Let’s Do A Kate Spade Knot Bag Review! I hope it was of interest to you! Also if you have any questions, please do let me know! This post contains affiliate links and press samples. I also did a review of the Kate Spade Dome bag, which you might want to read!

kate spade knott bag review

kate spade knott bag review

kate spade knott bag review

kate spade knott bag review