Zatchels Review: A Pastel Rainbow Handbag! + 15% discount code

zatchels multicoloured backpack satchel bag handbag review rainbowZatchels Review: A Pastel Rainbow Handbag!

Hello friends! Today I want to do a Zatchels review with you all! I thought it was high-time we discussed these made in england handbags, which are more than just satchels, there’s saddle bags, backpacks, crossbody bags and so much more! Today I want to do a deep dive discussing the colours, design options, prices, quality, discount codes, sales and best designs! I’m SO excited to get into this with you and also, can we chat about how incredibly pretty this Zatchels City Backpack in kaleidoscope pastel colours is?! I’m obsessed!!! Anyway… Let’s get into this Zatchels Review!

My Zatchels City Backpack

I am absolutely obsessed with my Zatchels City backpack! I LOVE it so much!! The shape if it is so classic, but the colours feel modern, exciting and joyful! I could have chosen this bag in classic black or tan, or even in a colour like red or mustard, but this pastel rainbow multicoloured slice of joy was so original and fun, I couldn’t resist it! Sure, it’s more of a Spring / Summer bag, than an Autumn / Winter bag, but that’s fine with me! Sometimes you have to go with the bag you adore, rather than the bag you can wear every single day for every single occasion! The Zatchels kaleidoscope bag is way too special to leave on the website shelf!

zatchels multicoloured backpack satchel bag handbag review rainbow

Size, Straps & What You Need To Know!

This bag comes with a detachable backpack strap and a detachable long shoulder strap – which is adjustable, as well as a top handle strap. It’s also worth noting that this bag is available in two sizes. I have the larger one, the sizes are as follows:

  • Small size measures 10″ x 11.5″ x 4″ with adjustable strap measuring 50-70cm
  • Large size 11″ by 13.5″ x 4″ with adjustable strap measuring 50-70cm

The buckles are traditional style buckles rather than decorative with magnet fasteners at the back. They are a little fiddly to get in and out of at first, but they will soften over time. In fact, over time all the leather, including the straps will soften and this bag will start to loose it’s rigidness and feel a little more cosy and comfortable. Personally I like to give my leather bags regular polishes, but you don’t have to do this unless you want to, but it is worth having a leather cream to hand in case you ever need to remove dirt of stains. The leather is treated so it feels sturdy and durable, if you do get marks or grim on it, wipe it with a damp cloth and if that doesn’t work, try some leather cleaner and give it a polish!

zatchels multicoloured backpack satchel bag handbag review rainbow

Three Ways To Wear

The Zatchels City Backpack can be worn in three ways; it can be carried as a top handle bag, which is a really cute look. Or you can wear it as a shoulder bag, either over one shoulder or as a cross body bag. Finally, you can wear it as a backpack, which is a REALLY cute look and super handy if you are carrying something heavy, as it’s so much more comfortable worn over too straps on your back! The versatility of the bag is a joy!

Zatchels Bag Prices

I don’t think anyone can deny that Zatchel bags are incredibly well priced and good value for money. They are leather bags, made in the uk and prices start at around £60, which is super fair and reasonable! I mean, just look at Mulberry, only SOME of their bags are made in the UK and they start at around £600 for the smallest bag they do – and it’s probably NOT made in England! However, right now, there is a sale on the Zatchels website and the cheapest bag they have  in the sale is £22.50! No joke and it’s REALLY cute!! In fact, there is loads of amazing bags in the Zatchels sale, all for great prices, so do make sure you check it out! Outside of sale time, the prices vary from £60 for a small simple shoulder bag, to around £195 for a large sized satchel backpack like mine, which of course, takes a lot more leather to make and takes a lot more time to make!

Zatchels discount code

I have a special Zatchels discount code! Just CLICK HERE use the discount code LFL15 at checkout for 15% off anything at Zatchels – including sale items AND there’s no minimum spend! Enjoy!!

zatchels multicoloured backpack satchel bag handbag review rainbow

Zatchels Bag Quality

Zatchels proudly make all their bags and satchels here in the uk. They have their own factory which they have owned and produced from for decades and they know how to source quality leather and produce a quality item with their long-standing craftsmen (and women). Satchel leather is a little different to other handbag leathers as it is a lot more thick and rigid than, say, a lambskin Chanel leather. Mainly because the leather needs to keep it’s shape. Over time it will soften and loose a little of it’s stiffness, but it needs to be this way to keep it’s shape. The leather is treated to have a wipe-clean finish, again, mainly because it’s a built-to-last bag which is made to last! The edges are raw leather and nicely cut to have a good but untreated finish and the stitching is neat, visible and sturdy. As for the hardware, it’s chrome and nice quality.

zatchels multicoloured backpack satchel bag handbag review rainbow

Zatchels Saddle Bag

If the satchel silhouette isn’t for you because you like something a little more streamline and simple, then make sure you look out for the Zatchels saddle bag I LOVE this bag as it’s a lot more user friendly with it’s simple saddle shape, it only has one strap – which is SO much easier than the two on a classic satchel and finally, it’s a slightly different shape, so the internal shape is more suited to more of a camera, make up and weekend purse contents, where as a satchel shape is also great for weekends, but it’s also perfect for travel and work thanks to it’s mini laptop and iPad friendly shape! I LOVE the classic satchel shape, but there’s something so lovely and simple about the saddle bag shape too, so if you are looking for a beautiful, made in England saddle bag, make sure you check out Zatchels!

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Zatchels 20% Discount Code

Right now Zatchels have a sale on – it’s really good, make sure you check it out! But if you are looking for a 20% discount code on all items, then apply promo code LFL20 at check out for your 20% off! Thank me later!

Zatchels Bag Review

So, here we have! The end of my post… it was a hefty one right?! To conclude with my Zatchels Bag review, personally, I LOVE this bag! The best thing about it is obviously the colourway, it’s truly magical and it makes me feel super happy! The leather is hardwearing and good quality, the stitching is built to last and the bag is generally a good, built-to-last bag. It will soften over time, which I’m super excited about and it will keep it’s colour well because the leather is treated and will clean up nicely. The main drawback is the fact that like all satchels it’s a little on the heavy side because it’s made of thick leather and lots of it, but the fact that it can be worn as a backpack or shoulder bag really helps distribute the weight when you overstuff it. But other than that, it’s a beautifully designed classic handbag which is useful and practical and can be worn summer or winter (depending on what colours you choose) and looks cute worn to the office, pub, dinner or shopping. It’s a great bag and OMG! I just LOVE the colours of this one!!

…And there we have it, my Zatchels review! I hope you like this bag as much as I do and if you have any questions, please do let me know, I’m always happy to help and chat handbags with you! This post contains press samples and affiliate links.

zatchels multicoloured backpack satchel bag handbag review rainbow



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