The FIVE Things I LOVE The Most About Our Kitchen (+Why You Should Consider Them For Your Kitchen!)

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The FIVE Things I LOVE The Most About Our Kitchen

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about The FIVE Things I LOVE The Most About Our Kitchen. But first, let me give you a little back story as I think this kitchen post needs a little context. So the first thing you should know is that we spent 2 years living without a real kitchen, I’m talking no fridge, no oven, no built in hob… all we had was a filthy old sink, a few cupboards a grim old countertop, a kettle, toaster and a £14.99 plug in hob from Amazon. It was bleak! It’s no joke when I say this kitchen was a long time coming and honestly kind of life changing. Seriously… could you do two years without a fridge?! And no, we didn’t live off take-outs, we couldn’t afford to!

The reason we lived for so long without a real kitchen is because we had SO many renovations to do to the house that it would have been CRAZY to put in a beautiful new kitchen when there was walls and ceilings being knocked down around it. It also took a really long time for us to figure out what we wanted it to look like and not only that… we had to save up the money to buy it! This is a Harvey Jones handmade kitchen and these bad boys don’t come cheap! I LOVE it, but we saved hard to buy it outright and it was TOTALLY worth the wait! Honestly, if you are considering a Harvey Jones Kitchen, I would 100% recommend, the quality is amazing and the finish is perfect. Plus when you have an old house like ours, they work with all your wonky walls to make it ‘work’. Also, our kitchen designer Jordan (find her in the Notting Hill branch) was INCREDIBLE!

Anyway, today I thought I would share my five favourite things about our kitchen because as much as I love our kitchen, there’s a few elements of it which bring me joy every single day and I would 100% consider including them in your next kitchen project… ok! Let’s go!

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Concealed Bin

I used to think a concealed bin was firstly a waste of a cupboard and secondly a waste of money. I mean, who would want to put a bin in a cupboard when they could put food in there?! Similarly, a concealed bin and a LOT more money than a traditional stand up bin. However, our Harvey Jones kitchen designer  (Jordan at the Notting Hill branch) REALLY pushed for this and I’m SO glad she did! OMG! I LOVE this concealed bin so much!! It has two spaces, one for litter, one for recycling, it’s functional, it feels cleaner than a regular bin and best of all, we don’t have to have a stupid regular in our kitchen, ruining the design and cluttering up the place. I would 100% recommend adding a concealed bin into your kitchen. You HAVE to have a bin no matter what, so why not tuck it away and not have to worry about a stinky old bin ruining your vibe?!

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Perrin & Rowe Taps

Perrin & Rowe taps are the dream taps! Fact! Nothing compares to their quality and design, I absolutely adore ours! We have the polished brass ones which now have a little patina on them so they look like more of an aged brass and whilst we could clean them up so they look bright and shiny again, I love them looking a little more worn in. They were expensive, my boyfriend bought them for us as a treat as he loved them as much as I did and honestly, I’m SO thankful he did! I LOVE these taps more than I should and I would 100% indulge in them again! Taps are such a focal point of every kitchen and it’s a detail worth spending out on. Plus from a purely practical point of view, these taps never drip and they feel super study because they are built to last a lifetime! God, I love these taps!

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Miele White Goods

Miele Appliances were at the top of our original kitchen wish list and whilst they were a bit of a splurge, I would 100% recommend buying them! They are beautifully designed, super high quality and basically just the most perfect white goods in the world! I love our built in Miele hob, it’s truly a joy to cook on and the wok-hob is the BEST! I also love the dishwasher; it’s been plumbed in for 3 years now and it’s super well designed on the inside to fit as much in as possible and everything ALWAYS comes out super clean AND the best part is…it never has that ‘dishwasher smell’. You know the one I mean?! I would 100% go for Miele again and I know I won’t have to replace any of it for years and years and years… they built their products to last!

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Butchers Block Island

We spent HOURS discussing kitchen islands with our Harvey Jones kitchen designer and honestly, I was SO torn. I love the social aspect of an island but also, they can be pretty cumbersome in a space and I wasn’t sure if our kitchen could handle one. I thought it might be too modern looking and maybe too big, but also an L-shaped kitchen felt a little unfinished and unsociable. I honestly was torn… and then our kitchen designer told us about a new butchers block style island they were introducing, I don’t think she even had photos of it yet, I think we just saw sketched of it and I instantly knew it was perfect! It gave the social element we wanted but also felt way more open than an island and didn’t overwhelm the space. I LOVE it and we use it for all our chopping and meal prep and I love the way it looks. Also, we went for a quartz worktop on the L-shaped part of the kitchen and a oak wood worktop for the butchers block and I’m so glad we did. The mix of worktops is such a nice detail and I would 100% do a  freestanding unit again, as well as mixing worktop finishes!


A Fancy Toaster, Kettle & KitchenAid

Finally, this is a small splurge that makes a huge difference! I’m a true believer in the fact that it’s CRAZY to spend a fortune on a kitchen and then fill the counters with stained old Asda toaster & kettle sets from your uni days! Spend a little extra on a fancy toaster, kettle & any other appliances you use to make them suit the space. I promise you will love the look of them and it will give your kitchen that extra something-something design wise too! Personally I don’t like Microwaves, so we don’t have one of those, but we have a Dualit Kettle and Toaster set – which I LOVE! As well as a stunning glossy black KitchenAid Stand Mixer, again, I LOVE and we currently have a Nespresso coffee maker, but tbh, I think I’m going to treat us to a prettier looking coffee maker soon because I don’t love the way it looks. I’m thinking about a Dualit one as they are beautiful and will look amazing in our kitchen!

So there we have it, The FIVE Things I LOVE The Most About Our Kitchen. I hope this gives you a little inspo for your next kitchen, or maybe just inspire a little refresh! Let me know if you have any questions too, I’m always happy to help! Also, this post contains some press samples and affiliate links.

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    I love your kitchen. The taps are incredible! I’m off to browse! x