Omg! You Need To See The Coach Pillow Tabby Bag!

coach pillow tabby bag

Omg! You Need To See The Coach Pillow Tabby Bag!

My friends! Today I want to have a chat about the amazing Coach Pillow Tabby Bag! This is the BRAND NEW bag from Coach and I am OBSESSED!!! The Coach Pillow Tabby bag is not a brand new silhouette for the brand, instead, it’s last seasons hottest silhouette reinvented for the New Year! Pillow style finishes are HOT right now, they are a staple of the fashion pack but also perfect for ladies like me who want to ease themselves into ‘real’ life with cosy, comfortable, softer styles. Which I’ve noticed is a big trend emerging for the seasons ahead, a slightly softer, sloucher more comfort lead approach to style. After a year of loungewear, leggings, pyjamas and yoga pants, I think we all need to ease our style into life. I don’t think any woman is excited to put on their 6″ stilettos after a year of Sketchers! Do you? Anyway, I’m in danger of going off on a tangent, let’s chat about the Coach Pillow Tabby Bag!

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“The Pillow Tabby reimagines the structured silhouette of an archival 1970s Coach design with plush, ultra-soft leather and wrapped Signature hardware.”

coach pillow tabby bag review

Coach Tabby Bag Details 

The Coach Pillow Tabby bag comes with two straps, one a short shoulder strap and the second a longer shoulder strap. The longer shoulder strap is adjustable so it can be worn over the shoulder or as a cross body bag. The luggage tab is removable, as are both the straps, so you can keep both straps and the tags attached for more of a embellished look, or you can keep it a little more simple and streamline with one strap and less branding. The Coach Tabby bag is made from super soft smooth nappa leather and it has an inside zip pocket for all your valuables. The short strap measures nearly 8″ whilst the longer shoulder strap is just over 21″ and adjustable. The Coach Tabby Pillow Bag measures 10″ by 6″ with a depth of 3″.

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Three Ways To Wear

You can carry the Coach Tabby bag in the crock of your arm, as a top handle bag, over your shoulder on a shorter length or as a longer length shoulder bag and as a cross body bag. This bag truly has so many options and of course, the longer shoulder strap gives it a more casual feel, where as the shorter shoulder strap makes it a little more formal and dressy. It’s a statement fashion bag thanks to it’s pillow cushion finish, but also quite a simple chic bag. 

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Coach Tabby Bag Mini

The Coach Tabby bag now comes in a mini size and it’s so cute I want to eat it!!!! It’s in stock now, as it’s brand new out, however, it’s sure to sell out fast, so if you want it, get it soon! 

Watch My Coach Tabby Bag Unboxing! 

Coach Tabby Bag Review 

I’m a huge fan of the classic Coach Tabby bag, I love it’s throwback 70’s vibes, all the colour options it delivers as well as the multiple ways to wear. It’s a brilliant bag which is suitable for all occasions and seasons. Plus it’s great quality and a great value luxury handbag. Can you tell I’m a big fan!?! 

Where as the Classic Coach Tabby bag is a cool, sassy, chic flap bag, the Coach Pillow Tabby bag is a lot more FASSSSSHHHION! The pillow finish is a big look for the season, both cuddly and unexpected, it’s futuristic, but also kinda retro. In short, it’s cosy but cute!! The Coach Tabby bag comes in five different colour options, The pink is playful and sweet, where as the black and grey are more minimalist and modern. Some of the colours have already sold out, but do keep an eye on the website if you are interested in trying to snap one up at some point. Personally, I LOVE the grey and pink Coach Tabby Pillow bags, but no matter which you choose, they are all really fabulous! The pillow version of the bag might not have the same lifespan as the classic Tabby, but I think there’s plenty of milage in the pillow version. So, if you do want the pillow version, you can buy with confidence! 

My Coach Tabby Bag Review… It’s a super cool fashionista bag and it’s a great price. You can get an extra 10% off your first Coach order by signing up the mailing list and because the pillow trend is still super new, there’s a lot of were in this item, even though it’s a trend bag. I think it’s a seasonal variation which could become sought after and collectable too! It’s a really fun exciting bag and OMG! how much do I want the giant one that Jlo is holding?! SO COOL! 

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Go Shopping!

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