Jo Malone ‘Velvet Rose & Oud’ Perfume Review!

jo malone london velvet rose and oud perfume

Jo Malone ‘Velvet Rose & Oud’ Perfume

“Darkest Damask Rose. Rich and textural, wrapped with smoky oud wood. Spiked with clove, decadent with praline. Magnetic.”

Jo Malone ‘Velvet Rose & Oud’ Notes


Damask Rose


jo malone london velvet rose and oud perfume

Fragrance Combining

Combine Velvet Rose & Oud with Orange blossom, Peony & Blush Suede or Blackberry & Bay to make it FRESHER! Combine with Pomegranate Noir or Tuberose Angelica or to make it WARMER! If you want to fragrance combine, you can layer a perfume over the bath & body products, or you can simply mist yourself with two Jo Malone Perfumes. Also, put the heavier, stronger perfume down first and the lighter perfume on top.

Jo Malone ‘Velvet Rose & Oud’ Perfume Review!

My friends! I hope you are all well! Today I thought I would do a little Jo Malone ‘Velvet Rose & Oud’ Perfume Review. But before we get started, I wanted to share the fact that I didn’t used to like this perfume! I thought it was too sweet and Turkish Delight-y, but now I love it! I love the Turkish Delight vibes of this rose based perfumes… What can I ask, fragrance tastes change!

Jo Malone ‘Velvet Rose & Oud’ is a rich, delicious and sensual rose based fragrance. The Rose is soft and velvety, it’s spiked with spicy clove and sits on a bed of soft, smoky oud and has a hit of pretty, addictive praline. It’s smoky, smooth, sweet, floral and fabulous. It’s opulent and whilst it might seem a little OTT to wear it with joggers and a jumper, but it makes me happy! It’s exactly what I need right now!

Where as Red Roses is a fresh, green, dewy and honeycomb-based perfume, Velvet Rose & Oud is more of a sweet, mysterious, decadent, Oriental based rose perfume. If you like your rose based perfumes fresh and slightly green, then Red Roses is for you, but if you want something a little more fancy and mysterious, the Velvet Rose & Oud really hits the spot. It’s exactly what I need right now!

Thank you for reading my Jo Malone ‘Velvet Rose & Oud’ blog post. I hope it was of help to you! This post contains affiliate links and I bought the perfume myself. You can buy the perfume at Jo Malone. Also I wrote another Jo Malone perfume post recently about English Oak & Redcurrant!

jo malone london velvet rose and oud perfume