Jo Malone ‘English Oak & Redcurrant’ Perfume Review


Jo Malone ‘English Oak & Redcurrant’ Perfume

My friends, I’m so excited to share a Jo Malone ‘English Oak & Redcurrant’ Perfume Review with you all! This is a perfume I have been loving in the colder months and I’m so happy to share it with you! I will be discussing price, longevity, fragrance combining, mood and quality… let’s go!

“The forest at dawn. The juicy bite of redcurrant. The zest of green mandarin. The freshness of rose softened with white musk. Enveloped in roasted oak. Bright. Embracing. Bewitching”



Redcurrant – An intensely fruity note with a tangy, juicy clarity which brings a sparkling contrast to the oak woodiness in the fragrance.

Rose – As the fragrance unfurls, this opulent floral, with its spicy, honey facets wraps the scent with sumptuous texture.

Roasted Oak – A warm and compelling woody note that gives the addictive quality of roasted oak.

Jo Malone ‘English Oak & Redcurrant’ Cologne Review

I can’t believe I’ve never done a blog post about this perfume before! It’s such a winner! It’s the perfect Autumnal perfume (yes, I know we are coming into spring, but bare with me!) and seeing as it’s cold and blustery today, it felt like a wonderful opportunity to wear it and chat about it!

As you might expect from the name, this fragrance is filled with notes of juicy delicious redcurrants and red berries and warm woodsy notes of english oak. The redcurrant give the fragrance a playful, delicious accord, whilst the oak is deep, dark, smokey and mysterious. It’s a real ‘Enchanted Forest’ fragrance and it’s got a very unisex, classic feel to it.

English Oak & Redcurrant was released at the same time as English Oak & Hazelnut and whilst both perfumes are beautiful, for me, this Redcurrant-filled version tips the scales for me. The redcurrants lift the smoky woods and add a sense of excitement to the perfume, where as the Hazelnut twist on the perfume is more woodsy and nutty. Personally I found the Hazelnut version much more of a male fragrance, where as this Redcurrant version feels more unisex.

If you like fragrance from the Jo Malone collection like Wild Fig & Cassis or Pomegranate Noir, I would advise you to give this one a go, it’s beautiful, classic, exciting, romantic, mysterious and enchanting. In my opinion, a bit of an unsung hero in the Jo Malone Collection, the only reason I didn’t buy the 100ml bottle is because it’s more of a Autumn / Winter fragrance and it’s not quite as long lasting as some of my other Jo Malones. That being said, there is ways to make your perfumes last longer, which I chat through in the video above… wanna know more? Press play!

Thank you for reading my Jo Malone ‘English Oak & Redcurrant’ Perfume Review, I hope it was of help! If you have any questions, please do let me know! Also, this post contains affiliate links. Also, want to know the five best Jo Malone perfumes for brides… read this post!

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  1. Linda Gonzalez
    February 15, 2021 / 5:33 pm

    Hi Kirsty! Your relatively new fan (Linda in NYC): just read and enjoyed, as always,
    your review of English Oak & Redcurrant, which I have never tried. Next time I am anywhere near a Jo Malone counter I will see if I can get a small sample. Your reviews are so fun and upbeat; just what is needed on these cold, dark February days! Thanks for sharing and stay well.

    Linda Gonzalez