Jo Malone Blossom Collection 2021! Out Now!


Jo Malone Blossom Collection 2021! Out Now!

Hello friends! I’m back again and today I want to tell you about the brand new Jo Malone Blossom Collection 2021! Out Now! Each spring Jo Malone create a collection of blossom based perfumes and this year they are especially beautiful and colourful! I’m SO excited to share them with you, Let’s chat about ‘Yellow Hibiscus’, ‘Red Hibiscus’, ‘Frangipani Flower’ and ‘Nashi Blossom’ colognes! Also, just a heads up, all these fragrances are limited edition and they usually sell out pretty fast, so if you want one, it’s worth snapping one up fast! Let’s go!

“Our Blossom fragrances are often inspired by white or pastel-hued flowers, so with hibiscus we had the chance to work with something bold and colourful.”


‘Yellow Hibiscus’ Cologne

“An exotic bloom growing on tropical islands. The beaming yellow hibiscus is revered: its fanned petals are delicate to the touch, unfurling every afternoon to receive the sun. The dewy freshness of rose underpins this sparkling floral scent, with a slice of lime adding a burst of juiciness.”

Jo Malone ‘Yellow Hibiscus’ is a summery fruity floral fragrance filled with notes of Yellow hibiscus, Rose and White Musk. It’s described as ‘Beaming, Exotic and Juicy’. It’s fruity and sunshine filled with a hint of green and crispness which gives it a real early morning freshness.

‘Red Hibiscus’ Cologne

“A vivid flower on an island paradise. The red hibiscus is known for its enchanting petals and can be found in the heart of a tropical forest. With a touch of Jasmine Sambac and the warmth of vanilla, this intense solar floral draws you in with smoothness and sensuality.”

Jo Malone ‘Red Hibiscus’ Cologne is a sweeter, warmer more sensual side of blossom. It’s filled with notes of Mandarin, Red Hibiscus and Vanilla, it’s warm and sunshine filled but much more exotic and romantic way. Where as Yellow Hibiscus is enjoying the simple pleasures in life, like the warm sun on your face and fresh fruit for breakfast, Red Hibiscus is much more of an exciting and luxurious evening fragrance. It’s also got a really beautiful sandalwood dry down which I love. This fragrance reminds me a little of Scarlet Poppy.

Jo Malone Blossom Collection 2021 review

‘Frangipani Flower’ Cologne

“Falling into the heart of a frangipani flower. Entranced by its solar warmth and sweet, airy lightness. Accented by luminous jasmine petals and exotic ylang ylang. Underpinned by creamy sandalwood and topped with a fresh twist of lemon.
A radiant floral scent inspired by the solar warmth of the frangipani flower.”
I haven’t tried the ‘Frangipani Flower’ Cologne yet, but it’s filled with notes of Jasmine Petals, Frangipani and Sandalwood. It’s described as sunshine filled, radiant and sweet.

‘Nashi Blossom’ Cologne

“Pristine white blossoms signal the start of spring. Soon to become succulent nashi fruit. This radiant scent is bright with mouth-watering lemon, complemented by a crisp bite of apple. Rose adds a sumptuous texture to the floral heart, cushioned with white musk for a playful, efflorescent fragrance.”
Finally, a returning favourite, Nashi Blossom’ is a re-release, it is filled with notes of Lemon, Nashi Blosson and White Musk and it’s one of my personal favourites from the Blossom archives. It is described as Playful, Radiant and Efflorescent. If you are blind buying, I would be tempted to encourage you towards ‘Nashi Blossom’ as it’s wonderful and elegant!

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The Jo Malone Blossom Collection 2021 is Out Now! I hope you liked my mini review! Thank you so much for reading and if you have any questions, please let me know! This post contains press samples and affiliate links.

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