Jimmy Choo ‘I Want Choo’ Perfume Review

jimmy choo i want choo perfume review

Jimmy Choo ‘I Want Choo’ Perfume Review

“Jimmy Choo I Want Choo Eau de Parfum is an ode to the playful spirit and alluring glamour that epitomises the Jimmy Choo woman.”


TOP NOTES: Mandarin Juice, Velvet Peach

MIDDLE NOTES: Red Spider Lily, Jasmin Sambac

BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Benzoin, Resinoid

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Jimmy Choo ‘I Want Choo’ Perfume Review

My friends! Today I want to have a chat about the new Jimmy Choo ‘I Want Choo’ Perfume. Before we start, I just want to mention that my personal perfume taste is more unisex and a little more mature and classic with my favourite notes being rose, vetiver, oud, amber, violets and fig. So whilst Jimmy Choo isn’t my personal taste in fragrance, I have a lot of respect for the brand as IMO they do flirty fruity-florals better than anyone! They always come at fragrance with a sense of playfulness and luxury, and even though they are a lot more youthful than I would wear, I love sharing what they do because I really think they nail the fruity-florals better than anyone and their prices are really fair for the quality they deliver! OK! Disclaimer done, let’s do this!

Jimmy Choo ‘I Want Choo’ Perfume opens with notes of sweet, ripe peaches and hints of green leaves and mandarin, the peach notes are much more dominant than the mandarin, especially at the beginning of the fragrance and then the mandarin takes over. There is also whispers of vanilla, musk and lychee from the beginning of the fragrance too. The heart is rich with pretty white florals; lily, jasmine and perhaps a little peony or magnolia for added depth and texture. The base is sweet, sensual and woodsy with notes of vanilla, benzoin and resin. Jimmy Choo ‘I Want Choo’ is a flirty, youthful, playful perfume which is inspired by young women getting ready for a party. There’s glitter, cocktails and excitement in the air and a real sense of joy and anticipation! To my nose, the dominant notes are peach, vanilla, musk, jasmin, sandalwood and mandarin. Whilst this isn’t the kind of perfume I would buy to wear myself, I would 100% recommend it to any Jimmy Choo perfume girl and I would 100% buy it as a gift for my friends or family! If you love JC perfumes and you are tempted to blind buy this, then go wild, it’s truly joyful and exactly what you spirit needs right now! It’s also a glorious perfume for spring too!

Thank you for reading my Jimmy Choo ‘I Want Choo’ Perfume Review. Let me know if you have any questions and thank you so much for reading. This post contains press samples.

jimmy choo i want choo perfume review  jimmy choo i want choo perfume review