I Bought Myself The Coach Hutton Bag! Review!

I Bought Myself The Coach Hutton Bag! Review! brass hardware

I Bought Myself The Coach Hutton Bag!

Hello friends! I’m soooo excited to share this post with you! I bought myself a treat! A little something-something to help my shy soul be lured out of lockdown! After months of not carrying a handbag and wearing nothing but leggings and a jumper, I feel like I need beautiful new things to get my excited for clothing again! Which is why I couldn’t resist buying myself the Coach Hutton Bag! And guess what… I got it on sale!!!! I’m so happy! Let’s do a Coach Hutton Bag review!!

Coach Hutton Bag Inspiration

“Turn timeless on its head, Hutton is a modern-day icon with sleek hardware and a fresh take on our turnlock closure. The colorblock refined leather shoulder bag”

I Bought Myself The Coach Hutton Bag! Review! brass hardware


The Coach Hutton Shoulder bag usually costs around £400. Some styles are around £375 whilst other which have more embellished are more like £450. However, as I mentioned, I got my beautiful Coach Hutton Shoulder Bag on sale for …. drum roll please…. £197!!!! No joke! With free postage! I honestly can’t believe what a steal it was! However despite me getting very lucky in the sale, I believe this bag is totally worth £400, however I would recommend you getting 10% off your order – scroll to the end for details!

Design Options

The Coach Hutton bag is a boxy classic flap with a chain strap. It has a very cool 70’s vibe, especially in this patchwork colour block colour way. The fastening is a turnlock clasp like we have never seen before and the inside and it comes in some really exciting finishes including a leather woven front and a stripped shearling. There’s also a stunning vintage dusty pink which I adore. There’s honestly so many colour and finish options with the Hutton! I think because it’s quite a simple shape and clasp, they have had the freedom to have a little extra fun with the finish. Personally, I’m here for it! Also in the Hutton range there is a Purse, belt bag, clutch and a Hutton Carryall tote bag, Personally, I prefer the classic shoulder bag, it’s just the best, I think anyway! 

Quality Review 

I know I say this every single time, but the quality of Coach bags is flawless. They use beautiful leathers, wonderful brass hardware and the stitching and overall finish is always perfect. I truly think Coach out-do a LOT of other brands on quality and craftmanship and I can think of a few brands who charge double the price for half the quality. Coach have a long history of luxury leather manufacturing behind them and they really deliver on not just the design, but also the quality. Whilst Coach bags aren’t cheap, they are great value for what you get, especially if you manage to pick one up on sale! One thing which is worth noting though, I have noticed that when you buy from Coach themselves, you get a big beautiful Coach bag as well as a cloth dust bag. Where as  when you buy from a retailer, there is no Coach presentation box and the dust bags tend to be satin and not such nice quality. Maybe that’s just my experience, but where possible, I try to buy direct from Coach online or in a Coach store. I know it’s silly, but I do use the boxes and the dust bags for storage and I personally prefer the ones they supply in store / online. 

I Bought Myself The Coach Hutton Bag! Review! brass hardware

Three Ways To Wear

The Coach Hutton bag can be worn as a short shoulder bag with the chain doubled over, or it can be worn as a long shoulder bag. Alternatively, it can be worn as a cross body bag. On me it sits fairly high, but not too high. The strap isn’t adjustable, nor can it be easily removed. Just in case you were hoping to switch it for a different strap. 

Coach Hutton Bag Review

OK! I’m SO excited to talk about my Coach Hutton bag!!! I am SO happy with this bag! Firstly, it was an absolute stead at half price – always keep an eye out for the sales! It’s funny as I had my eye on a Coach Hutton bag, but I was actually planning on going for a woven front Hutton, but when I saw the price of this one, I couldn’t resist! When I opened it, it was even better than I expected, I thought the trim was more of a brown colour, where as in real life, it’s more of a maroon, PLUS it has a really cool flash of pink, which is only visible at the sides, please see the images below. Also, the luggage tag is a forest green, which again, I wasn’t expecting, but I love! This bag has some really cute and subtle design features which really make it! 

OK! So the quality! The brass is chunky and lovely, just as you would expect, it reminds me of the hardware on a horses bridle. As for the leather, it’s thick, perfectly finished and generally beautiful quality. It’s a smooth leather which is a little more delicate than a pebble leather but still stunning! As for the clasp, I really like this one! I think it’s an unusual twist on the classic turnlock clasp. It almost reminds me of a cigarette lighter or a lock on a door. It feels functional, but also not too ostentatious.

In terms of what it fits inside, it has a black slip pocket which is perfect for slipping in your travel card or bank card. Then on the inside it has a small zip section as well as a front pocket. The main part of the bag is where you would keep most of your items, but it’s nice to have a section to store your keys, headphones etc, where they can’t get tangled up. In this Coach Hutton bag I can fit a compact camera, phone, card holder and a tiny bit of make up, portable charger and cable too. It’s big enough to carry your essentials, not so big it’s going to weigh you down. 

Finally, I love this bag because it’s a super slick, easy to style and easy to wear handbag. It’s just as perfect for a skirt suit as it is with a vintage summer dress. It’s cute as a cross body bag, but equally lovely as a short shoulder bag. It’s modern and chic, but also has a vintage twist. Personally, I love the slightly boxy 70’s shape of the Coach Hutton bag and I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been to find it on sale! What do you think? 

I Bought Myself The Coach Hutton Bag! Review! brass hardware

Get 10% Off At Coach

If you fancy shopping this bag or any other Coach bags, it’s worth knowing you can get 10% off when you sign up to the Coach mailing list. Also, in case you were wondering, their mailing list isn’t spammy, it’s fun! 

See Inside The Coach London Flagship Store!

Are Coach bags good quality?

Yes, Coach bags are great quality. They are a heritage American brand who built the brand on their high quality craftsmanship and leathers. The pebble leathers on bags like the Rogue are especially good quality. 

How much does Coach bags cost?

Coach bags vary in price, you can get a small wallet style bag for around £100, if you look in the sale. However, an every  day bag from the most recent collection will cost around £400-£500 and around the same in dollars. 

Other Coach Bags You Might Like!

This season Coach have really delivered with the new handbag Silhouettes. They have been loving more slouchy and bucket style bags like the  Coach Willow bag and the Shay bag. As well as cross body bag like the Beat Bag. As we all ease ourselves out of lockdown and into real life, I think Coach have released we want easy styles like slouchy hobo bags and cross body bags. We aren’t ready to negotiate clutch bags and oversized super heavy totes, are we? Also, if you are tempted for this bag, you might want to read this post about the Jennifer Lopez X Coach bag because it’s a beauty! 

Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my Coach Hutton Bag Review! I hope you like it! I bought this bag with my own money and this post contains affiliate links.

I Bought Myself The Coach Hutton Bag! Review! brass hardware

I Bought Myself The Coach Hutton Bag! Review! brass hardware

I Bought Myself The Coach Hutton Bag! Review! brass hardware

I Bought Myself The Coach Hutton Bag! Review! brass hardware

I Bought Myself The Coach Hutton Bag! Review! brass hardware