Where To Buy A Rainbow Christmas Tree!


Where To Buy A Rainbow Christmas Tree!

My friends! I wanted to do a quick post about where to buy rainbow Christmas trees for the home because it’s something I have been asked a LOT lately! Trust me, I spent hours searching for the best rainbow Christmas trees UK and I honestly think I’ve got the ultimate guild to Where To Buy A Rainbow Christmas Tree and the best tips and tricks I can give you! Are you ready!


Fingers crossed Paperchase are still in business next year, but providing they are, make sure you look our for their amazing rainbow Christmas trees! I have a few from here, my epic 7ft rainbow tree, a matching 5ft version as well as a small pink one and a 1ft rainbow mini tree! I also have some super cute accessories from here too like baubles – all really colourful! And cute ornaments like a fawn and wreaths too! It’s also worth checking out eBay for ‘paperchase rainbow trees’ as you never know who’s getting rid of one! Paperchase not only have the best 7ft rainbow tree, but they also have the best rainbow christmas tree decorations!


A bit of a dark horse here! But I got some amazing colourful Christmas trees from Argos! I go a rainbow one which is 5ft tall, as well as a pink and yellow tree too! But there is also other colours too, so so check out Argos as they have some fun colourful trees, especially good if you want to cluster them like I do!


Of course Amazon have rainbow trees – that have everything!!!! The only thing I would say with Amazon is that you should order wayyyyy in advance as some of the trees will be shipped from China so you might need to allow a good few weeks for shipping! I will personally be looking for them around October, if not earlier!


Another dark horse! But Wilko’s have some super affordable rainbow 5ft trees! Very similar to the Argos one but cheaper! I don’t think you can order them online though, so keep checking in store!


Yep! Every year Asda do an epic rainbow tree with diagonal stripes! I got mine for £50 and it’s either 5 or 6ft tall and super bushy and lovely! The only problem is that every year it sells out SO fast!!!!! I got mine fairly early on in the season and it had already sold out online and in all the local stores so my brother bought me one in his local store (well, 10miles away! He drove to get it for me! Bless him!) and he posted it down! Totally worth the effort but if you want one, jump on it FAST next year! Don’t wait, it will sell out!!!



No joke! Vintage trees often come in really pretty tinsel Colours! I love vintage Christmas trees because they are a slightly different shape to modern ones and they are just so charming! Look out for 70’s ones on eBay and Etsy, but please be prepared to spend a little extra on them as they can be pretty expensive because they are so rare! I got outbid on a 4ft beauty and it ended up selling for around £70! Which is a lot for a 4ft tree!!! One thing I have noticed, is that the vintage coloured christmas trees tend to be smaller too.

Bloom & Wild Mini Trees

Ok… so Bloom & Wild aren’t technically rainbow trees, they are actually real trees which come in a box and posted to you, and they come with the cutest and most colourful decorations ever! Absolutely adorable and really colourful! They look super charming in a kitchen over the festive period too! Look out for them!

Ali Express

Urgh! I’m not the biggest fan of Ali Express, but I guess sometimes it’s the only option. Have a search, they do have some. I can’t comment on the quality, but it’s worth knowing they do sell rainbow Christmas trees. Also, do check the shipping costs before you buy and also the lead time on the shipping as it can take a lot time for them to arrive.

Spray Paint A White Tinsel Christmas Tree

Finally, if you are feeling creative and brave, grab yourself a white Christmas tree and some cans of spray paint and have a creative afternoon! Loads of stores sell white Christmas trees so you will have lots of options on shape, size and price and once it’s painted up, no one will have a tree as colourful and unique as yours! Or if you want, you could always get a white christmas tree and just add LOADS of rainbow christmas tree decorations onto it to have a rainbow tree with a difference. You could even layer the decorations on so you have them in rainbow order, so it’s a white tree with rainbow ornaments going down the tree, which is a really pretty rainbow decorated christmas tree effect!

And there we have it! Where To Buy A Rainbow Christmas Tree, I hope this post is of help, let me know if you have any questions and I will try to help! I love my rainbow and colourful christmas trees and I highly recommend getting some if you are tempted! Also this post contains a small amount of affiliate links.





  1. January 20, 2021 / 10:57 am

    I definitely need some for next year x

  2. February 1, 2021 / 12:33 pm

    Okay colour me jealous, you have the best collection of colourful trees! I’m already looking forward to hopefully getting my hands on one for December 2021, so thank you for the great guide on where to shop!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety