OMG! The Kurt Geiger Velvet Kensington Bag Now In VELVET!


OMG! The Kurt Geiger Velvet Kensington Bag Now In VELVET!

My friends! I’m soooo excited about this post! I’m a long time fan of the iconic and amazing Kurt Geiger Rainbow Kensington bag, but this time it’s usual metallic leather has been swapped for luxe, soft, smooth stunning velvet. Yep! All my rainbow goth dreams have come true, this bag Is a work of art… a thing of dreams… pure perfection’ let’s chat about the Kurt Geiger velvet Rainbow Kensington bag!

I loveeee the now classic Kurt Geiger Rainbow! It’s joyful and fabulous and it adds a ray of sunshine to every outfit! It’s both statement and wearable, it’s also is the perfect price point where it’s a luxury item but it’s also affordable. It comes in a few sizes; Classic, mini and extra large and all sizes feature a rainbow crystal encrusted eagle head. As for the strap, it’s a chain strap which can be worn as a long shoulder strap, or you can double the strap over and wear it as a shorter shoulder bag. Whatever you fancy! This Kurt Geiger rainbow Kensington bag usually comes in metallic leather. But this time… it’s been released in velvet! Wow!


Kurt Geiger Vegan Bag

Yep! You guessed it! The Kurt Geiger velvet rainbow bag is vegan! I had a check and all the part of the bag are velvet and polyester, making this bag perfect for my vegan friends!

Advantages & Disadvantages of a Velvet Bag

I LOVE a good velvet bag, they are soft, tactile and look uber luxe! There are many advantages and disadvantages though to buying a velvet bag, so today I want to touch on a few of them. First of all, velvet bags are vegan and generally cruelty free, I say generally, as sometimes velvet contains silk, which is of course, made by silk worms and not vegan. They also tend to be cheaper than leather bags, so if you prefer the look of velvet bags, you might find it’s also a little more purse friendly. However, velvet bags tend to have a shorter life span, so if you are buying more of an investment bag, like the Gucci bag in velvet, please be aware it might damage quicker than you expect, so you might want to re-think this. However, if you are wanting to buy more of a trend or fashion bag for the next few seasons or special occasions, then you might be happy with a velvet bag. Also, if you live in a rainy climate, you might want to think about if you could go for a velvet bag, as it might spoil faster than a leather bag and in this case, you might want to consider more of a treated, grainy leather bag rather than a super soft lambskin, as some lambskin bags can wear badly in the rain and become ‘speckled’. Finally, leather is a very ‘all seasons’ material for a bag, where as velvet is much more suited to winter bags. So please think of the style of the bag and if you are planning on using it in Autumn to Spring, or if you want to use it in high summer too, as velvet is not idea for summer months. I would also be very nervous of spilling ice cream or suncream on a velvet bag, as they are harder to clean.

Kurt Geiger Kensington Bag Unboxing Video!!

Is Kurt Geiger a luxury brand?

Kurt Geiger is a premium-to-luxury footwear & accessories brand which sits somewhere between premium high street and lower-level luxury. It really depends on your point of view and how you feel about the brand. Their items are well made, great quality and very desirable and they also hold their value well. However, they are sold on the high street and in department stores like Topshop, House of Fraser, Debenhams.

Does Kurt Geiger do NHS discount?

Yes, Kurt Geiger give a 20% NHS discount – it was previously a 50% discount. Also, if you sign up to their mailing list you can get 10% off your order.

Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading my post on the Kurt Geiger rainbow bag in velvet! I hope you like this vegan bag. This post contains affiliate links!