MAC ‘Cockney’ Lustre Lipstick Review!

MAC ‘Cockney’ Lustre Lipstick Review!

Hello friends! Today I want to take it old school with a MAC ‘Cockney’ lipstick review!! Remember when blogs were filled with MAC lipstick reviews and you weren’t a real blogger unless you had all your MAC’s swatched?! Well, weirdly I’ve always been the kinda gal who only really had one of their lipstick, Ruby Woo. The classic red! Probably one of the most iconic red lipsticks in the world! Anyway, today I want to do a full review and deep dive of ‘Cockney’ and share all the shade has to offer! Are you ready for a MAC ‘Cockney’ Lustre Lipstick Review? Let’s Go!

MAC ‘Cockney’ Lipstick Review

Before this lipstick I was only really aware of the super highly pigmented MAC lipsticks like Ruby Woo and MAC’s Cockney is veryyyyy different. In fact a world away! It’s from the Lustre Lipstick range, so it’s a might lighter weight lipstick, a little more sheer in terms of pigment and a lot more hydrating. In the bullet it looked like it was going to be glitter filled and if I’m honest, I was worried it would give me that ‘glitter lips’ effect, which is fun for shoots, but far less fun for 30+ ladies like me. I just can’t pull that glitter lips look off and I’m not willing to try! Anyway! I judged wrong, there is a hint of shimmer built into the lipstick but it’s very subtle on the lips, you honestly would never notice it, it truly just adds lustre to the finish and it’s completely weightless to wear too. The shimmer in Cockney, feels and looks comfortable and subtle. You look at the colour, not the shimmer!

Speaking of which! Let’s talk about the colour of MAC’s Cockney! I absolutely love this colour! It’s my perfect share of red! Bold! Punchy! Fun! Flattering! Wearable! It just looks good! It makes me feel confident and healthy and the lustre finish is radiant and joyful! It’s a really friendly red lipstick, if you are a little shy about wearing red lipsticks, this would be a great starting place! It’s bold but really pretty! Plus the comfortable, hydrating feel it leaves you with truly does make you feel like you are wearing a much more subtle lip colour, rather than the heavy matte lipsticks which you feel a lot more ‘aware’ of, and in turn can make you feel a little shy about wearing. MAC ‘Cockney’ truly does look super pretty, lustrous and punchy! In the best possible way! It’s super wearable for pretty much everyone and I love the fact that the colour is buildable! What a treat!!!

MAC cockney lipstick review

MAC Cockney vs Ruby Woo Lipstick

Let’s be real here! MAC’s Ruby Woo is one of the worlds most famous lipstick, if not THE most famous and iconic lipstick. It’s a stunning colour, stunning finish and just looks fabulous in every single way! However, it’s kinda a high maintenance lipstick. You do have to apply it very carefully and you do have to keep an eye on it for when it wears off and needs reapplying. It’a stunning, but also a little more of a labour of love. It’s not for the faint hearted, it’s for the hardcore lipstick wearers. MAC’s cockney by comparison is for everyone. It’s easy to apply, easy to top up, it’s a little more friendly and casual too. It’s more of an every day lipstick and super hydrating and comfortable to wear too. By comparison, I’m not sure I would want to wear Ruby Woo every day, but I would happy wear Cockney everywhere and anywhere! Ruby Woo is not an every day lipstick, it’s a sex-pot high fashion colour, where as Cockney is suitable for every Occassion, from Ridley Road Market to Bistroteque. Yes. I am naming places in east London – How could I resist?!

What is MAC’s Most Popular Lipstick?

The most popular MAC Lipstick is Ruby Woo for its high quality, matte finish, super star, iconic shade of red. There is no dupe for MAC’s Ruby Woo. Other great reds MAC include Russian Red, Lady Danger and Chilli.

Is MAC Lipstick Worth The Money?

Yes, MAC lipstick is worth the money. I would rather but one bullet of MAC lipstick over four tubes of budget lipstick! The quality is flawless, the colours are stunning and they are iconic for a reason! Just choose your shades and finishes carefully so you have a perfectly curated but small selection which work for you!

What is so special About MAC lipstick?

MAC lipsticks are iconic. They are loved by make up artists and celebrities around the world. They deliver the most beautiful shades for every skin tone and the quality, pay off and long wear is fantastic.

Why is MAC lipstick So Expensive?

MAC is a premium brand and whilst they are a higher price point, they are lower than many of their competitors. Also, if you look out for deals and offers, you can find MAC gems hidden in beauty boxes, advent calendars and beauty bundles. I got this Cockney shade in a Latest In Beauty box, which was 5 items for £12.95 which is incredible value! I’ve seen MAC lipsticks appear a few times in Latest In Beauty edits and elsewhere, so it’s always worth keeping an out our for them. Latest In Beauty also recently featured the shade ‘Chilli’ too.

MAC cockney lipstick review

MAC Cockney Lipstick Review

So to conclude with a few final thoughts, MAC Cockney might not be as famous as Russian Red, lady Danger or Ruby Woo, but in my opinion it’s just as good and possibly better! It’s a really hydrating lipstick, easy to apply, comfortable and light weight, I love the glossy lustrous finish and the colour is PERFECT. It’s really buildable so you have options with the intensity and perfect for frequent red lipstick wearers to wear every day, or the newer Red lipstick wearers to test out and slowly build up the intensity as they feel more confident wearing red tones. The only criticism is that it doesn’t have quite the same long wear finishes as some of the other matte red lipsticks from MAC, however, it does re-apply with ease AND more importantly, it wears off really evenly, much more so than Ruby Woo. Omg! Can you believe I have done a full on essay about this lipstick??? A true testimony to how much I love it!

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MAC cockney lipstick review

MAC cockney lipstick review