How To Stop A Chanel Brooch From Falling Off

How To Stop A Brooch From Falling Off

How To Stop A Chanel Brooch From Falling Off

Hello friends! Today I want to share How To Stop A Chanel Brooch From Falling Off. This topic became super important to me when I was walking down the street wearing my new-to-me Chanel brooch. A few minutes into my walk, I remember it clearly, I heart a little ‘ping’ and I almost didn’t turn round, but THANK GOD, I did and there was my Chanel brooch…. on the floor! Almost gone forever!! I was horrified! I put it back on and a few minutes later, the same thing happened. Again. Shook to my core! Thankfully, I now have the perfect hack I never loose another brooch, I can pin them on securely and feel confident I’ll never loose another pin badge. Want to know how? Let me show you!

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How To Stop A Chanel Brooch From Falling Off chanel brooch

Top Tips For Securing a Brooch or Pin Badge

  • Choose your brooch carefully! We you are in the store buying your brooch, test the brooch back. The ‘spinning’ clasp part should feel secure, not too tight, not too loose. You should need to put a tiny amount of pressure on it to tighten and loosen it. If the clasp feels too loose, it could easily spin round and come undone when you are wearing the brooch
  • Test the pin! Again, when you are buying the brooch, have a feel of the pin and the hinge, again, there should be a tiny amount of preassure between the pin and the hinge, just a little resistance to help secure the pin when you attach it.
  • Where possible, let gravity do it’s job! If your brooch back sits vertically and the design allows you to wear it either way up, put the hinge end at the top so if it does come undone, you have more chance of it sticking in your coat and not falling off.
  • Try to only wear your brooch on ‘low impact zones’ for example, on your lapel, hat or chest. As these areas tend to see less impact than attaching to your handbag or scarf.
  • Finally, reinforce the clasp with an earring back. Simply poke your brooch through your jumper or coat as you would normally. Then take an earring back – preferably a clear rubber one – and slip it onto the pin before you close up the fastening. This will mean your brooch is doubly secure! I bought my earring backs off eBay for £1.80 for a bag of around 50! Worth every penny!

How do you fasten a brooch? PRESS PLAY!

How do you keep brooches from falling off?

Take a rubber earring back…

earring backs for securing brooches

Pin your brooch onto your garment as normal…

How To Stop A Chanel Brooch From Falling Off pearl

Slip an earrings back onto the pin…

How To Stop A Chanel Brooch From Falling Off chanel pearl

Fasten the brooch as normal…. Safe in the knowledge it’s super secure!

Is it worth buying a Chanel Brooch?

Yes! I love Chanel brooches! They are amazing on coats, hats, jumpers and so much more! I wear my Chanel brooches so often and I absolutely adore them. They also keep their value really well if you ever want to resell them and the older jewellery is plated with 24karat gold too.

Go Shopping!

Thank you for reading this post on How To Stop A Chanel Brooch From Falling Off, I really hope it is of help! Also this post contains affiliate links!


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