Five Reasons To Invest In A Replacement Coach Bag Strap!

coach bag strap replacement

Five Reasons To Invest In A Replacement Coach Bag Strap!

Hello friends! Today I want to do a post on Five Reasons To Invest In A Replacement Coach Bag Strap! Why? Because it’s the quickest, easiest and most affordable to refresh your Coach bag and give your old favourite a new lease of life! I LOVE Coach bags because they are such an investment to your wardrobe and the bags are such incredible quality, they literally go on for years and years. However, it is worth knowing that Coach sell official and branded replacement Coach bag straps and it’s worth knowing about! Are you ready?

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Straps See The Most Wear & Tear

When it comes to wear and tear on your handbags, the bottom corners and the strap see the most wear and tear. Whilst the corners are naturally hidden by being on the base of the bag and away from the eye line of the viewer, the straps are much more prominent and much more visible. If you were playing poker with your bag, the strap would be the ‘tell’, y’know, that tell-tail sign that your bag is many seasons old and ‘much loved’ which is cool, but if your look is super polished and sharp, you might feel like it lets down your look. Anyway, give your old bag a polish with leather cream, hoover out the inside and replace the strap for a mini DIY bag spa! Instantly sharpening up your look and refreshing your Coach bag for a fraction of the price.

A Thicker Strap Is Much More Comfortable

Ready for some basic b*tch science?! A thicker handbag strap is wayyy more comfortable than a skinny leather strap. And a skinny leather strap is more comfortable than a chain strap. Why? Because the thicker straps distribute the weight of the bag better giving you a much more comfortable handbag. If you have a tendency to overfill your handbags and make them feel heavy and uncomfortable, you could always buy a new and slightly thicker strap to make things a long more comfortable. Seriously, if you carry a chain strap bag and then swap the strap out for a wider leather strap, you will be SHOCKED at how much more comfortable it is to carry around your bag every day! Especially if you carry heavier items like laptops!

Wear You Bags At Varying Lengths

Right now it’s fashionable to wear a handbag with a shorter shoulder strap so the bag sits under your arm around your elbow to waist length. But other seasons, it’s all about the longer length straps or even the clutch bag. By switching up your straps you can vary the lengths of your bags to fit the trends better and also suit your looks better. For instance, the Coach Tabby bag can be worn with a shorter style strap during the week for a cute ‘workwear’ look and with a longer strap at the weekend for a casual off-duty look casually worn over your shoulder or as a cross body bag. One bag. multiple looks and occasions, purely by switching up the straps and strap lengths. Similarly, by investing in a skinny chain strap, you can make a day bag feel like more of an sleek evening bag! It’s a simple fashion hack, but it really works!

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Add New and Exciting Details To Your Old Bags

This season the big trend is to have more of an eclectic, patchwork work to your bag. Mixing up colours, textures and prints. If you want to have fun with the trend buy not buy a new bag, then you could add a new statement coach bag strap to an old bag, pop on a bag charm or two and tie a scarf or twill off the strap / handle and give your bag a new lease of life for the season!

One Small Investment

Finally, a new bag strap is one small investment which can update many of your old bags. If you have say five Coach bags, you can choose just one or two straps which can be switched between all of your bags. It really is a great way to get a lot more bang for your buck out of all your bags! Also, don’t forget you can also add scarves to your bags and bag charms for other additional details!

Can you buy replacement straps for Coach bags?

Yes, you can buy official Coach replacement bag straps! Click on the images below to find your favourite today!

Are Coach bags guaranteed for life?

No, but Coach bags come with a one year warranty and beyond that they will try and fix your bag for you. However, as a loyal customer, I can tell you Coach bags are well made and study. They are built to last!

Thank you for reading my Five Reasons To Invest In A Replacement Coach Bag Strap post. This post contains affiliate links. Also, have you seen the new Coach it Forward Campaign feat. Jennifer Lopez?

Top 10 Best Coach Handbags coach tabby bag

Top 10 Best Coach Handbags coach tabby bag


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