Dream Sister Jane ‘ALL THAT JAZZ’ Campaign Shoot! +10% discount code

Dream Sister Jane 'ALL THAT JAZZ' Campaign Shoot!

Dream Sister Jane ‘ALL THAT JAZZ’ Campaign Shoot!

Hello friends! Today I want to share the amazing campaign shoot from Dream Sister Jane ‘All That Jazz’. I LOVE these images, they are so pretty! The dresses are stunning, the location is amazing and oh! I just love everything about this shoot!

Also, if these dresses look a little familiar, then maybe you remember this post about Ghospell dresses, Dream Sister Jane is part of the same label! Anyway, enjoy the shoot, enjoy the dresses and if you want to buy one, then click the product images below to go to the ASOS website!

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My favourites…

Like Carrie and her shoes, I don’t want to pick favourites, but personally I ADORE the Chanel style suit, the scalloped edge blue dress with oodles of amazing volume! I adore all he dusty, wintery pastel tones and the vintage style details and fabrics. I have such a thing for Jacquards and upholstery style fabric, and the way Dream Sister Jane have used these details is such a joy!! I LOVE the big puffed sleeves and the full skirts and the smocked dresses with all the lace and volume. This collection isn’t about looking skinny and sexy, it’s about shape, layers, textures, opulence and pure fabulous fashion!! Finally, if you are a bride to be and struggling to find an amazing vintage style fabulous wedding dress, then cast your eyes to the very last image! Is it just me, or would this make an amazing wedding dress!?! No really! and for the price tag, it would actually be a really thrifty option too! Plus with the smocked shape, you would never have to worry about how much you eat at the wedding breakfast!! Anyway, I hope you love this collection as much as I do and i hope you enjoy the images!

Who Is Sister Jane?

Sister Jane is a London-based fashion brand, there is also Dream Sister Jane and Gospell Dresses which are also created by the Sister Jane team. They create unique, vintage-inspired designs which are know for their interesting fabric, super luxe finish and never afraid to play with colours, styles or volume. A lot of their pieces have a retro almost Marie Antoinette feel.

Is Sister Jane ethical?

Sister Jane is not a vintage clothing label and their fabrics are not recycled or deadstock. However, they are a small independent company who make limited quantities of garments and they are designed to last for years, so whilst they aren’t a ‘sustainable’ brand, they are a fashion investment and not fast fashion.

Does Sister Jane Run Small?

This varies from piece to piece, as some of the smock styles run larger than you would expect and other pieces run smaller. Unfortunately they are not a very size inclusive brand yet and in most styles only go up to a size 14, I hope one day they will expand their size range. In terms of fit, I would suggest buying Sister Jane from ASOS where the shipping and returns are free and easy. So you can try before you buy.

SHOP Sister Jane dresses with 10% discount Code ‘NEWBIE10’

Go Shopping!

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dream sister jane dress chanel style black and white suit

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dream sister jane dress scallopped edge dress

dream sister jane dress scallopped edge dress

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  1. February 3, 2021 / 10:26 am

    I’ve never actually heard of this brand before but their stuff is so beautiful! Hope they one day expand into plus size though.
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety