The Dial House, Norfolk: Dog Friendly & Fabulous!!

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The Dial House, Norfolk

Hello friends! I just wanted to stop by today to share a quick post about a hotel I stayed in recently which I absolutely LOVED! It’s called The Dial House and you will find it in Reepham, Norfolk. It was my boyfriend who found and booked this hotel and he found it via Pet’s Pyjamas, who he found out about from me, who was recommended it by Danielle. I think that’s right, whatever it was, it was a GREAT discovery! The Dial House Norfolk is wonderful, whether you are travelling with a dog or not!

Let’s Chat Dog Friendly Hotels

Ok, I’m going to be honest here, I love Gordon, I love him so much but I dread travelling with him. Why? Because I have had VERY bad experiences with dog-friendly hotels! One of them was SO bad, we checked out instantly and booked ourselves into a Travelodge and by comparison, the Travelodge felt like LUXURY! We also stayed in another place which had a 5 star rating and all the rooms looked fabulous…. except the dog friendly ones which were more like kennels. Not to be a d*ck, but just because you allow dogs, doesn’t mean you should let your guests sleep in a squat – and pay a small fortune for the luxury. Just saying! Anyway, I have had some bad dog friendly travel experiences, but I can promise you, this will not one of them! The Dial House was fabulous, whether you have a dog in tow or not, it was wonderful!

The Dial House, Norfolk

The Print Room

The Dial House have one dog friendly room, The Print Room. It’s a beautiful bright yellow room with dark wood floors, a big beautiful wood framed bed, a leather chair and a stunning marble clad bedroom. Oh and it has more prints than I can count on the walls! It’s a simple but perfectly designed room, super clean and super dog friendly. They even left Gordon a water bowl and dog bed for his comfort, as they have a ‘paws on floor’ policy. The Print Room hosts pet-guests and non-pet guests and I promise you, it’s perfect for everyone! Tip: Try to book far in advance, The Print Room is a super popular room because it’s so beautifully decorated, however, this is the only pet-friendly room, so book way in advance to avoid disappointment!

the dial house hotel review record player

The Rooms

The Dial House has eight rooms and each one is decorated to a theme, choose between The Print Room (which is pet friendly), Parisian Garrett, Natural History, The Orient, China, Africa (family friendly), Days of Raj (family friendly), Italian Palace (family friendly)

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The Food

We had dinner at The Dial House as well as two breakfasts – and plenty of room service, it was all delicious, beautifully presented and IMO great value for money. It also felt very covid safe, which was a huge blessing as we have been really nervous about travelling this year.

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There is parking in the square out front, it’s free overnight, however, it is restricted in the day, but it’s INCREDIBLY relaxed, so if you do leave the hotel a little later in the morning or come home for the day a little early, I wouldn’t worry too much. We were out most of the day and only really needed parking in the late afternoon / evening, so it was pretty perfect for  us, but if you have any questions on parking, you could always ask the hotel for advice.

the dial house hotel review

The Location

The location is perfect and picturesque. You approach Reepham via a million country lanes, which makes it feel really special and secluded (which it is) but at the same time, it’s a nice driving distance to walks on the beach, forest and plenty of lovely surrounding towns.


The Dial House is a dog-friendly dream, you would never know it hosted dogs if you weren’t travelling with a pet, and if you are, you will feel SO grateful that it exists. It’s one of my best pet-friendly travel experiences EVER and I personally found it great value for money and I will totally be back! Also, quick shout out to their Vintage Vegas store, basically everything you see is on sale – I could have spent a fortune! And the staff were also all absolutely wonderful. Loved it!

…And there we have it! A few words about The Dial House Hotel, Reepham, Norfolk! I truly can’t say enough good things about this place!