The Cute Collar Dresses You NEED This Season!

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The Cute Collar Dresses You NEED This Season!

My friends!! Today I thought I would do a fun post all about the cutest collar dresses of the season! I LOVE a good collar dress and I have been wearing them for years. It started when I was around 16 and I wanted to dress in Courtney Love’s wardrobe and it basically never stopped from that point! Anyway… This season there are some AMAZING dresses with collars around, so I thought I would do a cute little shopping edit for you! Oh and the photos you can see in this post are of course by the amazing London brand, Sister Jane! Tell me you aren’t also obsessed!! Also, like everyone, I hate Topshop, but I have to admit, the adorable 70’s inspired dress is from there and I love it, but I hate myself for loving it so much. If you buy it, rip off the tags and tell people you can’t remember where it’s from rather than promoting Topshop! #JustSaying

Anyway, I hope you like this post and if you treat yourself to a cute dress with an adorable collar, lemme know which one you go for!

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