The BEST Luxury Scented Candle Brands!

diptyque giant candle

The BEST Luxury Scented Candle Brands!

My friends!! Today I want to share with you the BEST luxury scented candles brands! I’ve highlighted my to three candle brands as well as other notable faves! I LOVE spending silly amounts of money on luxury candles and I hope this post helps you choose the creme de la creme of luxury scented candles!

are Diptyque Candles worth the money

Diptyque Candles

I know, I know, it’s SO obvious, but the thing about Diptyque Candles is they are every bit as perfect as people say! Yes, the branding is ICONIC, but also, the fragrances are amazing and they REALLY fill the room! I’m such a fan! Look out for the Christmas Candles (I adore the Pine) as well as the Fig, 34 and Bais, also if you have the cash to splash, I would recommend buying one of the larger candles, they are a little more, but you get a LOT more wax and price per gram, it’s WAY better value. Cost wise, the classic candles are around £56 each, but are Diptyque candles worth the money? Totally!

are fornasetti candles worth the money

Fornasetti Candles

I first discovered Fornasetti Candles in Sketch London, there was a giant one lit on the window sill next to us and it smelt INCREDIBLE! I’ve been a huge fan since then and I’m not exaggerating when I say I have spent a small fortune on their candles! The Flora scent is my absolute favourite and I personally love the face design you see below, I also love the owls and buildings too. Gosh, there’s SO many!!! Again, if you can afford to splash the cash, the bigger candles give you SO much more for your money, but they are a LOT to invest in! As for the price, the classic size candle is around £155 and even though it is a little more, I would always say to remember you are paying for not just the wax, but also the pot, which is quite collectable in it’s own right! Even when empty! Are Fornasetti Candles worth the price? Yes!

Roja Parfums 'The Essence Of Christmas' Candle

Roja Candles

I’m not sure everyone knows that perfumer Roja Dove makes candles as well as perfumes, but he does and they are amazing! I especially love the Paris, New York and London candles, as well as the Fig, Fortnums and of course… the AMAZING Essence of Christmas candle, which might be my all time fave! They are so rich and luxe and fill the room super fast! I absolutely love them! Price wise, they are around £95 each and they are worth it, especially the Essence of Christmas candle, which is like a gourmand pine fragrance.

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Other Candle Brands I LOVE!

Thank you for reading my The BEST Luxury Scented Candle Brands Post! I hope this was of help to you! If you have any questions, please do ask me! Also, this post contains some gifted items and some affiliate links.



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