Reward Style Tutorial: How To Find The Best Affiliate Commission Rates!

Best Affiliate Commission Rates reward style

Reward Style Tutorial: How To Find The Best Affiliate Commission Rates!

Hello friends! Today I want to do a quick Reward Style Tutorial on how to find the best commission rates. This is a really important thing to be aware of, because some brands pay a higher percent commission than others, which could be the difference in hundreds or thousands of pounds per month for you and some retailers pay more than other retailers, so it’s something to be aware of. Also, before we get started, I just want to remind you that you should never ever suggest products or brands that you don’t love, just because they pay a higher commission rate – that’s not cool! This is more so that you can be aware of which brands pay the most or least, so you can give a little extra love to products you love and you can link to retailers who pay more! Without further ado, here’s the best affiliate commission rates on Reward Style.

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Highest Paying Brands On Reward Style

  • OneBlade 35 – 50%
  • Wolven 35 – 50%
  • Find Your Trainer 28 – 40%
  • Urban Decay (UK) 28 – 40%
  • Kiehls (UK) 28 – 40%
  • Fabletics 28 – 40%
  • JustFab 28 – 40% (new customers)
  • RestoraPet 28 – 40%
  • Uqora 24.5 – 35%
  • Cariuma 24.5 – 35%
  • Hugo Boss (US) 21.0 – 30%
  • Gryphon 21.0 – 30.0%
  • Peak and Valley 21 – 30%
  • Lola Collective 21 – 30%
  • WestPoint Home 21 – 30%
  • VIU (EU) 21 – 30%
  • Shade M Beauty 21 – 30%
  • Open Formula 21 – 30%
  • Madewell 21 – 30%

Choose Your Affiliate Retailers Carefully

Imagine this, you have a lipstick you LOVE and it’s from Urban Decay and you want to write a blog post,  film a youtube video or do an Instagram story about how much you love it and why it’s the PERFECT shade EVER! So, here’s the thing, the lipstick costs the same price no matter where you buy it, but if you link to the Urban Decay website and you sell 10 lipsticks, you will make around £72. Where as if you link to another retailer, say, John Lewis, you will make far less commission, around £9 for the same 10 lipsticks sold. That’s the difference between you being able to buy a couple of cups of coffee, or a weeks food shop. AND AT NO COST TO YOUR AUDIENCE!!! All because you chose to link to the Urban Decay website compared to the John Lewis or Selfridges website. Why? Because Urban Decay pay a REALLY generous commission rate! If you are linking to a product which is sold at lots of different retailers and it’s sold at the same price everywhere, then it’s worth considering which retailer you choose. Again, it won’t cost your audience any more money, it will just make you more commission. Make Sense?!

Reward Style: Best Affiliate Commission Rates TUTORIAL

Just click play on the video below and all will be revealed. But if you don’t have time, just go to the ‘Advertisers’ tab on Reward Style, filter via commission rates and have a scroll!

Only Promote Products That You LOVE!

So here’s the thing, a brand could pay 40% commission, but if you don’t love that brand and their products aren’t very good, then you probably won’t sell any if you write a blog post about them. What’s the saying? 40% of nothing is nothing. It’s also a great way to loose trust with your audience.

However, there might be another brand which pay fairly low commission, maybe 5%, however, because they are an amazing brand and you LOVE sharing them and promoting their amazing products you sell a stack of their products and those 5% commission rates rack up quick. All those 5% commissions soon add up and your audience who have bought that product on your recommendation will probably love the products as much you do, which keeps their trust in you and everyone is a winner. What I’m trying to say, is don’t get too excited by the idea of a high commission rate, just be mindful of which brands you love pay a generous amount and make sure you link to them as a retailer rather than a department store.

If you want me to refer you as a RewardStyle member, just drop me a DM on Instagram @labelsforlunch. 

Thank you or reading my Reward Style Tutorial: How To Find The Best Affiliate Commission Rates! blog post. I really hope it is of help and if you have any questions, please do let me know! Also, you might want to read this post on HOW TO JOIN REWARD STYLE.