My Colourful Christmas Decor

My Colourful Christmas Decor!

My friends! Today I am SO excited to show you my Colourful Christmas Decor! This has been so much fun to create and it honestly makes me happy every time I turn the lights on and settle down for the evening to enjoy it! I created something similar last year, but this year I wanted to make it bigger and better!!! Here’s how I did it!

Oodles Of Christmas Trees!

Sometimes one christmas tree just isn’t enough! I have around 8 or 9 colourful christmas trees now and I LOVE them! I bought the giant rainbow one from Paperchase last year and the smaller rainbow one is also from Paperchase. As for the smaller tress, these are a mix of Paperchase and Argos. I used sequin fabric to create a skirt and used extra props to give it more of a layered feeling!

More Is More!

Creating a colourful christmas display is all about adding more and more and more! I have rainbow tress, with tree toppers, lights and decorations, plus sequin tree skirts, additional mini tress and extra decorations to put at the base of the tress! I also have some cute Matalan nut crackers spread around, as well as baubles, garlands and other Christmas treats like a santa gnome and stockings. It’s really about adding more and more and more!

Fishing Line and Command Hooks!

When it comes to hanging my Christmas decorations, I used tried and true mix of fishing line and Command hooks. I NEVER like drilling holes or sticking pins in my fireplace, staircase or walls for a month a year, so I use Command strips which can literally be stuck on and pulled off without doing any damage. They are perfect for renters and also those of us with old houses who don’t want to risk doing damage to original features, like this fireplace. I’m a huge fan! This whole display was literally done with fishing line and Command hooks, not a single nail, screw or panel pin in sight! PS. I worked with Command on an instagram project, but I use them all the time regardless as they are the best for Victorian homes and newly skimmed walls and basically anyone who is indecisive like me and wants to regularly move their art around!

Utilise Your Christmas Kitchenalia

If you have any cute Christmas mugs or fun festive kitchenlia, utilise it! Have fun with it! It’s the perfect time to get it out of the cupboard, or the loft and enjoy it! I personally keep my christmas kitchen-ware and crockery in the loft with my decorations, so they aren’t cluttering up my cupboards and I can get them out when my decorations come out. I’d recommend it to a friend! Also, a lot of my cups and teacups were super cheap, Asda always have a great selection!

Start Shopping Early!

If you are in the market for a new christmas tree (or trees, in my case!), wreaths, baubles, teapots or anything else, then my advice is start shopping for them early! The best stuff runs out fast! I started looking for new additions in mid-November and already some items I liked had already sold out! So plan ahead and if you see something amazing, don’t wait for it!

Press Play!

Have Fun!

The main thing is… HAVE FUN! It’s Christmas! It’s a time for joy! Embrace your christmas style and turn the dial to 11! Did I need this many trees? Hell no! But do they make me happy? YESSSSS!

And that my friends… is my colourful christmas decor! What do you think? Also this post contains some press samples and some affiliate links.


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  1. December 10, 2020 / 7:41 pm

    It’s the best I’ve seen this year!! x