My Christmas Crockery Collection!

My Christmas Crockery Collection

My Christmas Crockery Collection!

Hello friends! Today I thought I would stop by and show you my Christmas crockery collection! If this post doesn’t interest you, I’m so sorry, but what can I say, I LOVE crockery!!! I love shopping of plates, mugs, glasses and nothing thrills me more than a good butter dish! So, if you get off on cute crockery, stick with me, because I really want to show you my festive crockery collection!!

Where To Buy The Best Holiday Crockery

I bought a few pieces of Christmas crockery last year, but this year, I REALLY needed more! I needed a STASH!! I don’t know if I should blame covid or father christmas, but whatever it was, I needed more Christmas crockery!! I hit the internet hard and found some SUPER cute items at Anthropologie, however, my favourite mug was already sold out and everything else was kinda expensive and this gal is on a budget! So I decided to wait until the sale to place my epic Anthropologie order and for the time being, I would live my best budget babe life with Asda. No joke, Asda have the BEST and most affordable Christmas Crockery. Fyi, TK Maxx also have amazing holiday crockery but it’s instore and being in tier 4, I could only shop online, however, it’s worth remembering for next year!

My Christmas Crockery Collection gingerbread house cookie jar

Asda Christmas Crockery

Nearly everything you see here is from Asda, some pieces I bought in previous years, some are new season items. I had my eye on the gingerbread house cookie jar for the longest time, so I ordered it this year! I couldn’t resist the matching mug too! As for the christmas pudding, I LOVE this range so much! It’s so cute and really fun to drink out of! I also have a matching teabag dish too! Also, can we talk about the deer butter dish!? SO CUTE!!!

My Christmas Crockery Collection

Peacocks & Paperchase

Just a quick shout out here to Peacocks, I bought this Father Christmas cookie jar last year (on sale! £5!) and the gingerbread men salt and pepper shakers were from Paperchase about 2 years ago. I’m afraid neither of them will be in stock any more as they are from previous years, but it just goes to show, you never know where you will find your next piece of cute christmas crockery!


Loads of amazing Etsy sellers make amazing christmas themed items, so do have a hunt around on there if you want to snap up something cute!


Finally, there’s some beautiful vintage holiday crockery out there, keep an eye out in your local charity shops and on eBay to see what you can see… and don’t let the season put you off! Christmas rolls around every year and if you see something adorable in June, buy it, wash it, put it at the back of your cupboard and December 2021 you will thank June 2021 you!

…And there we have it! My Christmas Crockery collection and where to find the best holiday crockery! I hope this is of help! Please let me know what you think! Also, this post contains some affiliate links.

My Christmas Crockery Collection bambi deer butter dish

My Christmas Crockery Collection

ginger bread cookie jar

santa mug asda

My Christmas Crockery Collection

where to get the best festive plates mugs crockery



  1. Sandy
    December 31, 2020 / 1:58 pm

    Everything is so festive and cute. And that salt and pepper shake set ❤❤

    • fashionforlunch
      January 18, 2021 / 2:27 pm

      ah thank you! it’s so cute isn’t it? Xxx