Merry Christmas Friends & A Vintage Christmas Bauble Haul!

vintage-christmas-decorations-charity-shop-thrift-store-review-haul-pinecone-man-decorationMerry Christmas From Me!

Hello friends! Today is Christmas Eve and I thought I would sit down quickly to say hello and hopefully share a little Christmas joy with you all! 2020 has been a weird and difficult year for us all and it’s hard to put it all into words, so I’m going to keep this brief because the last thing you need is a rambling essay about it from me! Instead I’m going to say thank you for being around, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I hope 2021 brings a LOT of joy and amazing things for you all! Oh and I also hope we never have to hear the word ‘unprecedented’ EVER again! Also if you ever want to message me to say hi, I’m always around on my instagram DM’s I’m @labelsforlunch and I’m always up for a chat, so come say HI!


Vintage Christmas Bauble Haul!

Aside from saying Merry Christmas (and happy new year, if we don’t speak before!), I also wanted share a few vintage Christmas baubles with you all because I think they are such a wonderful trip down memory lane! Last week, just before Margate headed into Tier 4, I popped into a local charity shop and I couldn’t believe my luck when I found loads of vintage Christmas baubles separated into freezer bags and marked up for a pound each! Some of the baubles were pretty basic, others were really special, I think I ended up buying about 5 bags in total, plus a super cute vintage doll angel tree topper! For me, it’s pure treasure!! Anyway, I wanted to show you a small selection of my favourites and I hope it feels like a nostalgic cuddle! Also, if you haven’t seen my Colourful Christmas tree display yet, check out this post!

Press Play…

Merry Christmas Friends! See You Soon!