English Country Kitchen Tour (& Choosing The Perfect Accessories)

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English Country Kitchen Tour

Hello my friends! Today I want to give you a tour of a stunning English Country Kitchen. This is in a holiday cottage we LOVE to stay in (we were here in October for the third time!) and I think the beautiful kitchen is one of the reasons I keep coming back, it’s truly lovely! Today’s tour will not just show you the beautiful traditional, but also help give you inspo on how to create your own and how to accessorise a beautiful traditional country kitchen like this one. Are you ready?

English Cottage Style

Some homes are built great and others have greatness thrust upon them, so before we get started, I do want to mention that this room is stunning and unique even without the beautiful cabinets and counters. It has incredible high ceilings, textured flint stone walls, big beautiful beams and a huge old exposed brick chimney in the centre of the room. The holiday cottage is called The Old Forge, Binham and it truly is an old blacksmiths’ which has been converted into a home. In some ways it reminds me of a barn conversion, with it’s beams, large space, textured walls and high ceilings, but it has more soul and more original features and it feels more rustic than most bar conversions too, which I love. I don’t know about you guys, but Barn conversions often feel a little too done for my liking, a little too perfect and a little too renovated. This has so much more charm, like the amazing old chimney which is in the centre of the room and the slightly wonky inlaid shelves. I also forgot to mention it has the original stable door, from when this house was actually a blacksmiths and on the outside the wood is unpainted with the original old key. It’s so charming, which is why we have stayed here three times now!

Anyway, my point is, this room is SO special, it’s so unique and wonderful, even without the beautiful kitchen and accessorising, so please, don’t get disappointed if you don’t have rough flint walls, high ceilings and beautiful beams, this home is one in a million. However, let’s chat about some of the details which make it so special and how it’s been decorated and accessorised to make it look and feel as lovely as it is!

Whitewashed Ceiling Beams

I have a bit of a love – hate relationship with beams. Often homes with beams have very low ceilings and small rooms, which I really hate. I like space around and above me, I also don’t like them to look and feel too intrusive and I like them not to be too dark. The white country kitchen has had the ceiling beams whitewashed which is absolutely stunning. I’ve never seen this done before but it’s so lovely, you still get the look and feel of beams, but without them intruding on the decor, but more adding texture and interest. I just wanted to mention them as if you are allowed to white wash your beams (not all listed houses allow you to) then this might be an option for you! Otherwise you can clean them and lighten them which looks really nice compared to very dark beams, which are sometimes darker because of treatment or years of dirt.

english country kitchen bread bin white kitchen painted english country kitchen ideas

Glasswear & Crockery

Admittedly, I LOVE a bit of coloured crockery but I have to admit, this all white and simple white crockery looks so beautiful styled on the open shelves. There’s still plenty of texture and interest going on, but the all-white looks so lovely. Also, you can generally pick up simple white crockery fairly cheaply, so this is a great way to keep your kitchen looking stylish and you can spend the money elsewhere. Also, stacked ramekins and plenty of jugs and milk jugs create lovely shapes.

english country kitchen beautiful kitchen plates bread bin country kitchen ideas

Bread Boards & Enamelware

Enamelware and well used bread boards look lovely in any kitchen. Try stacking them up on the counter tops and add in an enamel ware bread bin as a stylish place to store your bread. Not only will it keep your bread fresher, but if you are in an old house, like we are, it’s essential. As for appliances, you don’t have to splash out on a Aga and Smeg fridge, you can keep things simple and functional, but try to pick appliances which will blend in, like this fridge is white and the cooker has white trim.

Vintage Cabinets & Chunky Knobs

I love the fact that the kitchen cabinets in this kitchen are super old and they have the more traditional style of chunky wood knobs, almost like a door knob. The fashion at the moment is to have a mix of knobs and cup handles, but on this kitchen it’s all chunky wood knobs and I love it. You can tell when you open the cupboard doors that at one time this kitchen was pine and the owner of the house said it was in configured differently when she bought it, but she chopped it up, moved things around and of course, refreshed it with paint. Painting an old kitchen is always a good idea for a phase 1 refresh, but I love the idea of moving it around and changing the layout and maybe the counter tops too. Speaking of which, the countertops in this kitchen are the most beautiful old wood; a rich dark brown with a wonderful patina. My dream would be to find an old kitchen on eBay which looked like this and just needed a coat of paint on the cabinets and a sand and wax of the worktops! Imagine!

To recreate a kitchen like this, consider chunky cupboard knobs, beautifully waxed vintage wood worktops and shaker style cabinets. If you have moved into a kitchen which has old pine units, you could always consider painting the doors, or even replacing the doors and changing the handles. I love the chunky style door handles on this kitchen and I feel like they super timeless. As for the wall cabinets, you can see these were also pine at one time but have been painted white which makes them disappear into the textured stone wall, but still adds interest. It’s a handy place to hide away mugs and teabags and the slim line of the cabinets keep the kitchen looking and feeling really spacious.

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The flooring here is wood floorboards, but they are not the original ones, they are sanded, reclaimed and have been relaid. I’m assuming the original floor would have been either stone or ground as it was created as a workshop rather than a house. But to keep the flooring looking and feeling original, they have bought and laid reclaimed floorboards. Which looks phenomenal, but if you are hoping to do this yourself, it is an expensive way of fitting flooring, but in my opinion, totally worth it. Also, when you lay reclaimed flooring, it often feels less draughty as it has less gaps than regular floorboards. It often fits better against the skirting boards too.

Best Traditional English Country Kitchen Colours

  • White
  • Dove Grey
  • Cream
  • Navy Blue (especially if you have an AGA)
  • Racing Green

english country kitchen white pine painted kitchen

Tips For Creating A Traditional Country Kitchen

  • Embrace the original features
  • Enjoy the wonky floors, sloping shelves and bumpy walls
  • Stack crockery on open shelves
  • Wax wood to give it a deep rich colour
  • Add in vintage and antique accessories
  • Avoid having too much wood on show, it can be overpowering and look dated. Consider painting cabinets and leaving the worktops wood
  • Don’t be afraid to mix old and new to give the space a slightly more contemporary feel
  • If you can, add in a log burner to make it extra cosy

…And there we have it, I hope you love this kitchen as much as I do and please do watch the video to see it in all it’s glory!

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