OMG! OCTOBER!!! Let’s Chat About The BEST BITS!


OMG! OCTOBER!!! Let’s Chat About The BEST BITS!

Hello friends! It’s October! Spooky Season and the calm before the storm. Whilst November already feels weird, October felt pretty great, for me anyway. This month I decorated the house for halloween, went to Norfolk and walked Gordon a LOT. No really, that’s pretty much all we go out for at the moment. Gordon walks and the farm shop! Anyway, let’s unpack the best bits of October!


The highlight of the month has to be our trip to Norfolk! We are SO lucky, we managed to get there just before the new restrictions came into play, which I was SO grateful for! We had a lovely week, walking, eating, walking and eating. We took a LOT of our own food, because we are still being super careful with going to shops, but we did visit the local farm shop a few times when we were there which was an absolute treat. Above is a little video of our afternoon at Wells-Next-The-Sea beach. If you haven’t been before, you should try and go because it’s absolutely charming!



This month I have been in a bit of a podcast rut and listened to a lot of my old favourites; Sinisterhood, The Alarmist, This is Love, Criminal, Endless Thread and the usual. If anyone has any podcast recommendations for me, please do let me know as I feel like I’m listening to the same few!

gordon the black labrador


Gordon is always someone I’m SO grateful for! I love him so much. Here he is in his big ol’ bed! Sometimes I like to get in it with him and have a nap! I am sure to some people this sounds like the thing of nightmares, but to me, it’s a lovely afternoon! We bought the bed from Orvis, it’s the comfortfill couch and it’s truly one of the best investments we ever made for him! And yes, I say investment because it wasn’t cheap, but it’s truly worth every penny!



I LOVE pumpkins!!! I try to only buy the kind of pumpkins you can eat, but man-oh-man I just love them! I love putting them in the kitchen, on the stairs, on coffee tables… everywhere! They are the most lovely and easy way to seasonally decorate your home and they just bring me so much joy!


Halloween Decorating

I just wanted to share this fun shot of my fireplace again! It looks like a child went wild with the decorating this year, but it was SO much fun to do! I had to move some of the decorations to light a fire, but ahhh it was so much fun to set it all up! Another thing that is my favourite… having a real fire!

halloween door decorating

Halloween Doors

This year I’ve noticed a lot of people have gone wild with their halloween door decorations and I have to be honest… I AM HERE FOR IT!!!! I’ve not really seen anyone or done anything in months and I know others feel the same, so seeing signs of joy and life is so lovely. It’s like they are saying ‘I did this for you, enjoy!’, it feels generous. This spooky set of doors in Whitstable were a big favourite of mine!


Roger & Gallet Shower Gel

I swear, I had just finished my shower gel and I thought to myself ‘I need to buy some new shower gel’ and then BOOM! This arrived through the letterbox, a delightful floral and fig shower gel from Roger & Gallet. It smells wonderful and it was such a lovely treat, just when I needed it! So thank you R&G, I also love your soaps!


Chanel Wallet on Chain Review

I have been meaning to write this epic Chanel wallet on chain review for the longest time and I’m so pleased I finally got it done this month! I took a sweet time to do as it was a bit of a monster and I have SO much to say about this bag, but I’m so glad I finally got it all down on paper, well, wordpress!

Latest In Beauty October Box

I love a good beauty box and I think the best this month came from Latest In Beauty! I am obsessed with every single item (all of which I picked myself, but from their edit! lol!) and even though every month has amazing items to choose from, I felt like this months was wildly good!!!! Super impressed!


Proud Friend Moment!

Big news! Jane from British Beauty Blogger created a product during lockdown! It’s SO cute and fun and I’m SO happy she sent me one! It’s a Japanese Cleansing Cloud and it can be used on the face or body and it is filled with lots of lovely essential oils and delightfulness! Want one? They are available at Victoria Health!

maltesers hot chocolate

Maltesers Hot Chocolate

I know it sounds like a cliché, but I LOVE lighting the fire in the evening and having a mug of hot chocolate! There’s truly nothing like it! We sometimes have Maltesers and sometimes Galaxy, both are amazing and both fill my heart with joy! I urge you to do the same this winter, there’s truly nothing cosier!

jo malone at feel unique

Jo Malone At Feel Unique (+ Discount Code!)

Jo Malone is now being sold at Feel Unique and I’m loving life!! Feel Unique are always offering amazing gift with purchase offers and discounts and I’m SO excited that I can take advantage of those freebies whilst stocking up with Jo Malone! I bought myself a little treat the other day and I’m pleased to say it came beautifully boxed, ribbon’ed and even in a gift bag, so if you are giving Jo Malone as a gift, it comes wrapped just as it would if you had bought it in store! Also, If you want 20% off – YES 20% OFF JO MALONE! – Then use my name ‘Kirsty merrett’ and as a refer a friend code at check out:  CLICK HERE to shop Feel Unique.

vintage book cover

‘A Is for Alibi’ Vintage Book Cover

Finally, I just wanted to share this book cover with you all, I think it’s SO pretty! It reminds me a little of my friend Adorn Girl’s photography which is probably why I love it so much. Isn’t it beautiful?

Teapigs 'Spearmint Candy' fashion for lunch blog curve blogger

I’m here for Chats…

Actually, this is finally, if you are bored and lonely or just struggling with lockdown. I’m always here for chats. DM me on instagram, I’m @labelsforlunch and I’m always here for you. Just dm me. We can chat. Don’t be lonely!

…And there we have it, my October favourites! What were your best bits? Also this post contains some affiliate links and press samples! and sending you all SO much love!


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  1. November 4, 2020 / 10:00 am

    It’s been such a wild and whirlwind month! Loved your decor so much x