My Five Favourite Jo Malone London Colognes

My Five Favourite Jo Malone London Colognes

My Five Favourite Jo Malone London Colognes

Hello friends! Today I want to share with you a few thoughts on My Five Favourite Jo Malone London Colognes. As you might have guessed by now, I love Jo Malone colognes and I am so happy to share my five favourites with you! These are the ones I wear the most, they all have great longevity and they all make me feel super special! If you are like me and you love punchy fabulous fragrances which are delightful, unique and not overly sweet, then I hope this post will be of help to you!

Jo Malone ‘Red Roses’ Cologne

Jo Malone ‘Red Roses’ is my ultimate Jo Malone London fragrance, it contains notes of soft, fresh lemon, red roses and smooth, warm beeswax. It’s velvety soft with warm fresh roses, mixed with a hint of powdery, vintage roses. It’s a modern classic; Warm, long lasting and quite simply, the perfect Jo Malone London fragrance, for me anyway! It’s my personal favourite from the entire collection!

Jo Malone Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Cologne Intense

Jo Malone ‘Dark Amber & Ginger Lily’ from the Cologne Intense collection is dark, rich, woodsy and a touch sweet. It’s a real power player and a sensual evening fragrance. It’s stunning in the winter and a really beautiful rich complex fragrance. I absolutely love this one, if you love brands like Tom Ford, this could be the one for you!



Jo Malone ‘Poppy & Barley’ Cologne

Jo Malone ‘Poppy & Barley’ Cologne was only released a year or two ago, but already it feels like a modern classic! It’s elegant, sun-drenched and impossible not to love! It’s really easy to wear, really unique and also makes a great gift. It smells like roses, wild flowers, sun-soaked fields and dried hay, wheat and barley. It’s truly wonderful and a perfect day time fragrance!

Which Jo Malone scent is the best?

Personally, I think Red Roses is the best Jo Malone London fragrance, however, the best sellers are English Pear & Freesia and Lime Basil Mandarin. So if you are looking to buy your first Jo Malone fragrance, I would recommend one of those two, as they are the most universally loved!

Is Jo Malone available in USA?

Yes, you can buy it via or from Nordstrom.

Is Jo Malone worth the hype?

Yes, Jo Malone perfumes are worth the hype. They are classic and elegant and blended using the best quality ingredients. They have something for every fragrance taste and if you are creative with fragrance, you can combine different Jo Malone London perfumes to create something a little more bespoke to you!

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Go Shopping!

And there we have it, My Five Favourite Jo Malone London Colognes! I hope this post is of help! Let me know if you have any questions! Also, this post contains some press samples and affiliate links.