Why I love the Coach Hutton Bag (Review)

coach hutton bag review

Everything You Need To Know About The Coach Hutton Bag

Hello friends! Today I thought it would be fun to have a quick chat about the Coach Hutton Bag! This is THE Coach bag of the season, the new icon! So iconic Jennifer Lopez has even give it a JLo makeover this season. We are talking about the multi-functional, go-everywhere, modern-classic, mixed material Coach Hutton bag! Today we are going to chat about price, what fits inside, quality, design and SO much more!! Grab a cup of tea and let’s do a coach hutton bag review! 

Coach Hutton Bag Review 

The Coach Hutton bag is next on my wishlist. I’ve put it in my basket SO many times, but to be honest, I just can’t afford it right now. I’ve seen it in store, I’ve touched it, stroked it, tried it on and thought about it endlessly, but it’s still the golden goose of my Coach collection… one day, it will be mine!! The Coach Hutton bag is a classic flap bag, it’s rigid in style, almost boxy, and has a chunky chain strap which can be worn multiple ways. The turnlock clasp is unusual and unique and a new direction for Coach which I’m really into. It comes in a variety of designs which we will be discussing in a moment and it measures 8 1/2″ (L) x 6 1/2″ (H) x 2 1/4″ (W).

Three Ways To Wear 

There are three ways to wear the Coach Hutton bag, either as a shoulder bag, a shorter length cross body bag or as a short shoulder bag with the chain doubled over. Also, the strap is mostly made of chunky metal, but it does have a section of leather which makes it much more comfortable to carry. 

What Fit’s Inside The Coach Hutton Handbag? 

The Coach Hutton bag is actually fairly small on the inside, it fits a decent amount in, but it’s not the kind of bag you can over stuff. It fits a purse, phone, keys, lipstick and little else. It has a back slip pocket, a small slip pocket on the inside and a small zipped section as well as the main pocket. If you are looking for a chic bag for your essentials, this is it. If you are looking for a Mary Poppins bag, this is not it! 

Coach X Jennifer Lopez

This season, Jennifer Lopez joined forces with Coach to create a very special collaboration bag which you can see in the image below. It’s pretty in pink, with python print trim, rivets, maroon sections and chunky gold hardware. It has been designed to go from the office, to the dance studio, the school run to the producers office. The ultimate go-everywhere bag! 

Coach x Jennifer Lopez -Photo Credit Hao Zeng- 4

My Favourite Coach Hutton Bag! 

There are SO many beautiful Coach Hutton bags to choose from, but personally, I LOVE the woven front style. The intricate detailing perfectly contrasts with the simple and timeless silhouette of the bag. It’s part casual, part artisan and fully unique and exciting! I’ve seen a lot of woven straw bags on the market, but I’ve not see any leather woven bags like this and I LOVE it! I also love the mix of the red and blue, it’s a really exciting combination! 

Coach Hutton Price

Finally, let’s chat price!! The Coach Hutton bag varies in price, but generally, this bag will set you back around £400-£600 depending on the size and level of details and embellishment. You can get 10% off buy signing up to the mailing list, and occasionally Coach do special details like recently they did £100 off when you spend £400 or more. So keep an eye out for offers and flash sales, also, their seasonal sales tend to be pretty amazing too! 

How To Style

This is a really classic bag and depending on the colour and finish you go for, it really does vary. It’s quite a simple classic bag and the rigid structure makes it feel almost formal, but the rivets, studs and chain strap gives it a much more cool hipster look. The woven bags are stunning for the summer, but the black smooth leather Huttons could be taken to the fanciest of dinner dates! Personally, I would go for a signature print hutton and wear with a vintage dress or a woven hutton and wear with a block colour summer frock, but alternatively you could go for the black or oxblood and wear to the office. It’s truly up to you! 

Are Coach bags worth the money?

Coach bags are brilliant quality, a fair price and come in oodles of unique and original designs. I have a large collection of Coach bags are they are well made, hardwearing, timeless and effortlessly cool. Also, if you wait for the seasonal sales, you can often get great bargains. I recently spoke to a handbag dealer who said that Coach luxury mid-range brand to buy into right now! 

What is the best coach bag to buy?

Right now, I would say the best Coach bags to buy are either the Coach Tabby bag or the Coach Hutton bag. I am also a big fan of the classic Coach Rogue bag or the Callie foldover clutch bag which is a wallet on chain style bag. They also produce collaboration bags with artists and creatives which are always worth looking into and these bags can retail their value better than any others too as they tend to be fairly limited edition. 

Go Shopping! 

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. Images C/O Coach. Also, you should take a look at this post on ‘Is Coach a Good brand?’, I think it might be of interest!