Why I haven’t bought the Moschino Biker Bag – A Review!


Why I haven’t bought the Moschino Biker Bag – A Review!

Before we get started, I just want to say, I LOVE Moschino, I LOVE Jeremy Scott and I LOVE the handbags. However, the Moschino biker bag has always been problematic for me. I LOVE the design, but I’ve never bought it, so today I’m going to dig into Moschino bags and why I never bought this iconic bag. Even though I love it so much!

Moschino Bags I Own…

Like I said, I have a big space in my heart for Moschino Bags, so before I get started I thought I’d mention that I own the Powerpuff girls Bubblecup bag, yellow letters bucket bag, the Mcdonalds bag and the Barbie envelope shoulder bag and the backpack. I also have some vintage Moschino items which pre-date Jeremy Scott by a few decades. It’s a bit of a love brand for me; playful, colourful, chic and high quality. I’ve always had a thing for their designs, ever since I was about 15 and it was all about Cheap ‘n’ Chic, and my friends, it wasn’t that cheap! Out of all my Moschino bags I think I love the most has to be the Chanel inspired quilted classic flap red and yellow McDonald’s Moschino bag. It was from the first ever Jeremy Scott collection and I managed to get it on sale for around 70% off. I love it!

Moschino Bags Quality Review

I have around five Moschino bags, some are made from lambskin leather and a couple of them (the Barbie bags) are made from coated canvas with leather trim. I’m pleased to be able to tell you they are all perfect quality and beautifully made. They all have cloth lining, high quality hardware, have worn really well and even though the designs are a few years old now, they haven’t dated badly. They have also retained their value really well too! So when it comes to Moschino bags, I would say you can buy with confidence, as I have always done!

Moschino Bags Price Review

OK! Let’s talk money!!! So I have been lucky enough to find most of my Moschino bags on sale and I would highly recommend that! If you are flush with cash and feel good about spending £1,000 then go for it! But if you are thrifty like me, then I would recommend waiting for the sales and hunting down the best deals at Moschino as well as the retailers. Personally I have managed to find Moschino bags at 50% and 70% off, which I was thrilled by! I think because Moschino bags are a little out-there design wise, you can get a bit of a bargain, which I’m SO into!!

Moschino Bag Review

Personally, I love Moschino bags and I think they are worth the money and they are good quality. However, I do think that if you look around you can find amazing Moschino bags on sale. However, quality wise, the leather is great, the hardware lasts well, the designs are iconic and they retail their resale value well. I buy Moschino bags with confidence!

Why I haven’t bought the Moschino Biker Bag

When it comes to the Moschino biker bag, this is always the bag that ‘got away’! I LOVE this bag and SO many times I have considered it. It’s such a cute and fun design, the leather is flawless quality and it’s generally iconic. However, EVERY single time I have gone to try it on to buy it, I’ve been put off by the weight of it. It’s a relatively small size bag, but it’s got SO much leather and metal hardware that it very quickly becomes super heavy and I just can’t handle it!!! Maybe one day I will take the plunge, but for now, I’m trying to avoid bags which are super heavy because I find myself using them way less than the bags which are naturally lighter weight. However, if YOU love the bag and you are cool wearing a heavier bag or you don’t over stuff your bags like I do and make them even heavier, then go for it! It’s the COOLEST BAG!!!!!

What’s the difference between love Moschino and Moschino?

I get asked this a lot and basically, there’s a huge difference between Love Moschino and Moschino. The designs are hugely different, the Love Moschino range is much cheaper, it’s less good quality, I don’t *think* it’s designed by jeremy Scott and it’s generally less high fashion and more dependant on just splashing ‘Love Moschino’ over the front of every item. It’s more flashy with the branding, but less high quality and if I’m honest, less ‘cool’. I LOVE Moschino, I don’t love ‘Love Moschino’. You know what I’m saying?

Where can I find designer bags for cheap?

These are the best places to find authentic designer bags for cheap prices:

  • BrandAlley – refer a friend link to save £20 on your first order over £100
  • TheRealReal.com – Save 20% when you use the code ‘REAL’ 
  • Vestiaire Collective
  • Bonhams
  • Seasonal Sales – Check the brands sale and department stores sales
  • Sample Sales
  • Chiswick Auctions
  • Luxury Promise

Are the designer bags at TK Maxx real?

Yes! You can find some brilliant designer bags at TK Maxx for brilliant prices! HOWEVER, there are a few things to watch out for. Is the RRP marked correct? Sometimes the RRP is higher than store prices so it seems like a better deal than it is. Also, is there any damage to the bag? It’s worth checking it for imperfections. Finally, make sure that TK Maxx haven’t stuck the price sticker onto the leather as this can damage the leather when you remove the sticker.

Does TJ Maxx sell fake designer bags?

No, TJ Maxx does not sell fake designer bags. However, it is worth checking that the bag has not been damaged on display or is it not in poor condition as it’s past season stock. It’s also worth checking the RRP that is marked as sometimes it is an inflated price compared to what the bag was sold for in stores.

Watch My Moschino Bag Collection Video!

Are Love Moschino bags real leather?

Generally not no. And if they are made from real leather, the quality of the leather is no where near as good as the Moschino leather bags. IMO.

Is Moschino high end?

Moschino is high end, Love Moschino is not. Sorry! But if you love it, enjoy it!

How do you pronounce Moschino?

Technically, you are meant to pronounce Moschino is “Mosk-key-noh” not “Mosh-she-noh.” However, if you non-italian and nervous about saying saying it “Mohs-KEY-noh”, then by all means, say Mosh-she-noh, that’s how I say it and noone has ever laughed at me!

Go Shopping!

Thank you SO much for reading, I hope this Moschino bag review post was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions and please note this post contains affiliate links but no press samples.