The Hoarders Guide: Declutter Your Wardrobe

coach-bags-chanel-bags-walk-in-wardrobe Declutter Your Wardrobe

The Hoarders Guide: Declutter Your Wardrobe

OMG! We actually fitted this walk-in wardrobe YEARS ago, but it’s been SO untidy this whole time, I’ve never had the guts to actually go in there and take pictures to show you (although here’s our bedroom if you are interested!) However, a few weeks ago, we finally spent a good few hours in there and together we REALLY went for it! We got everything off the floor, refolded teeshirts, threw away hole-y socks and tights, packed summer clothes away and generally just made the walk in wardrobe the organised dream we intended it to be! Also, a huge shout out to Briony of A Girl A Style who’s post inspired me, although she’s 100 times more organised than I could ever be and her guide doesn’t include shoving things in the loft! lol! Anyway, without further ado, here’s how to Declutter Your Wardrobe, even if you aren’t a minimalist!



Declutter Your Wardrobe: A Step-By-Step Guide!

  • First of all, we sorted out LOADS of old coat hangers and donated them to charity. Sure we still have a handful of spare coat hangers, but not the mountains we used to and that’s made a huge difference, instead of them being jumbled in a pile and impossible to separate, now we just have a hand full tucked away and that was all we need!
  • I tried on EVERY. SINGLE. PAIR. OF. TIGHTS!! No really, there was SO many and it was a bit of a nightmare, but I figured I needed to try on every pair so I could see which pairs fitted properly, which had holes in… etc etc. It wasn’t a job I enjoyed, but once I started, I realised how many pairs were too short in the leg, too tight to be comfortable or had holes or runs in. I got rid of them all and it felt GREAT! I also had no idea what a huge amount of space they took up!
  • We put summer clothes in the vacuum bags and put them in the loft. It works a treat, every single time and massively reduced the amount of clothes we had hanging up!
  • I sold some old designer clothes that no longer fitted me and I donated some items to charity. I didn’t get rid of much, but even a handful of items makes a handful of extra space and that’s something to get excited about!
  • We had loads of belts, ties and scarves handing off the railings which didn’t take up loads of space, but massively added to the clutter and we never really used anyway. So, I folded m scarves and stored them with the rest of my scarves and my boyfriend did the same with his ties and we both went through the belts and got rid of the ones we never used and rolled up the ones we did use. Like I said, they didn’t take up that much space, but they massively added to the eye-clutter.
  • On my shelf of shoes, I added height and added storage space by putting a layer of shoe boxes at the back and stacking shoes on top. The shoes inside the boxes are ones I rarely use, but I couldn’t face the idea of getting rid of. But it stores them away neatly and the row of shoes at the back are much more visible to me now as I couldn’t really see them before.
  • I donated bras that no longer fitted to Smalls For All. You can donate both new and lightly worn bras and it’s such an amazing charity.
  • I folded my tee-shirts horizontally (IKR!) and put them in a box (see the wood boxes on the floor)
  • I folded my leggings and put them in another box on the floor
  • I put my pants, bras and socks into the third box on the floor. I also got rid of some old pants and socks too as I figured there were loads lurking around in the bottom that I never use.
  • My silk scarves are kept either in the Hermes and Chanel boxes or in the vintage vanity case. I’m hoping this helps keep them away from the dreaded moths.
  • I have some overspill handbags (non special ones) in plastic storage boxes in the loft. And I have some more special ones on display in my office. All the bags I could, I have kept in the box and/or dust bag to keep them safe and clean.
  • As you probably know, I do a LOT of DIY and painting and I have my boiler suit in the loft (yes, I have a boiler suit!) and my paint stained clothes are washed and folded away inside the Kate Spade White Tote bag on the shelf. Probably not the ideal place for them, but it keeps them neat and away and if I need to paint, I know where they are! (it’s possible I will refer back to this post to jog my memory too!)
  • Finally, my boyfriend colour coordinated his shirts and I got jealous so I did the same. It was SO satisfying to do and actually, it looks WAY neater!



And there we have it, it may not be the Marie Kondo guide to clearing out your wardrobe, but I’m pretty proud of it and it feels a lot more achievable for me. My main takeaways are:

  • Clear out your old tights, pants and socks. You’ll be shocked at how many are ripped, hole-y or don’t fit. And they take up wayyyy more space than you think!
  • Store clothes you no longer wear or summer / winter clothes in vacuum bags and put them in the loft
  • donate unwanted clothes to charity and sell items which have a high value. Even if it’s only a handful of items, that’s still a handful of space.
  • If shoes don’t fit or feel comfortable enough to wear – sell or donate. Shoes, especially when stored in the box take up a LOT of space.
  • Avoid hanging scarves, jewellery, ties, belts off rails as they add to eye clutter.
  • Colour block your hanging clothes, not only will it be super satisfying to look at, but it will also look much neater. It’s the perfect finishing touch!

…And there we have it, The messy girls guide to declutter your wardrobe! I hope it’s of help!












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  1. October 18, 2020 / 5:13 pm

    Lovely fashion advice… love your post… 👌👌👌

  2. October 18, 2020 / 9:44 pm

    Your closet looks pretty neat. It makes me want to declutter mine too. It’s overdue. LOL.

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