OMG! The Neom Organics QVC TSV Deal Is AMAZING!

Neom Organics QVC TSV Deal review

OMG! The Neom Organics QVC TSV Deal Is AMAZING!

My friends! Today I am stopping by to share an amazing Neom Organics QVC TSV Deal with you all! It’s out right now and only available until 20th October, so if you want it, you best get it soon! It has a retail value of £88, but as part of this QVC TSV bundle it’s all priced at £48.98 and if you are new to QVC, you can use my refer-a-friend code which gives you an extra £10 off, and I get £10 off my next order too, which is a win-win! Anyway, let me show you what’s inside!!

Choose Your Fragrance

This set comes in two different fragrances, both are designed to give you a great nights sleep, but one is lavender based and the other is chamomile based, so whatever your sleepy time preference, there’s something for you!

  • Perfect Night’s sleep: A blend of Lavender, jasmine and sweet basil
  • Bedtime Hero: A blend of chamomile, ylang ylang and cedarwood.


  • Neom Organics QVC TSV Deal review

What’s In The Box

  • Neom Organics 3 Wick Candle (420g)
  • Neom Organics Bath Foam (200ml)
  • Neom Organics Pillow Mist (30ml)

Now all you have to decide is do you prefer the Bedtime heroes fragrance or the Perfect Nights Sleep fragrance, personally I LOVE the PNS scent as I love lavender, but I know a lot of people prefer sleep scents without lavender, so it’s amazing they have a chamomile option too! I can assure you whatever you choose, they both smell absolutely wonderful and do truly help you naturally drift off to sleep.

Watch My Neom Organics QVC TSV Deal Video!

…And there we have it the Neom Organics QVC TSV, don’t forget if you haven’t shop on QVC before, you can save £10 using my refer-a-friend link, which would make this set an incredible £38.98, but even without this code, it’s still an incredible deal!! This post contains press samples.

Neom Organics QVC TSV Deal review