Olympus PEN Camera Photography: Shop NOW For A FREE 45mm Lens!!!

Olympus PEN camera
Olympus PEN Camera Photography: My photography journey

Hello friends! Today I want to quickly tell you about an amazing offer available RIGHT NOW at Olympus!! But first of all, I want to go back around 7 years and share a little insight into my Olympus pen camera and general photography journey.

OK! So back when I was living in London and I started blogging, I was using the iPhone 3 and my photos were pretty tragic. I didn’t really have any money and my blog didn’t make me any money and I wasn’t sure if I could afford to buy a snazzy camera. Eventually I went to Cash Converters on Bethnal Green Road and bought a second hand Canon 600D and I felt SO cool… until I realised that it actually was pretty hard to use. I was finding the manual settings a nightmare and I just wasn’t getting the shots all the other bloggers were getting. I thought my issue was my camera, but it was actually ME!




I did try…

I tried for a good year with the Canon 600D and then the Olympus Pen came out and everyone was banging on about it. But honestly, how could I afford it when I already had a Canon and I couldn’t even work that?! Everyone said it was super light weight (the Canon was SO heavy it hurt my shoulders after a few hours!) and it was super user friendly. But people also said that about the Canon and by that stage, I had lost all my confidence with photography that I wasn’t sure I could make the Olympus work any better than the Canon and I truly was so flippin’ poor, I couldn’t afford to buy it to see.

Olympus Girl

Anyway, eventually I gave up on the Canon. It defeated me. It was so big, too bulky, the auto pics didn’t look good and I couldn’t get my head around the manual settings. So I borrowed a Olympus Pen Camera from Olympus to test it out. Instantly, my pics were better. EVEN ON AUTO! And on ‘P’ which I think of semi-auto, they were even better. They didn’t give me the perfect shots, but they deffo gave me better shots than my iPhone 3 and Canon and that was good enough for me!! Fast forward another year and some bloggers were banging on about how amazing the 45mm lens was, I had been using the kit lens and honestly I wasn’t sure if I was in a position to buy a lens. Anyway, it was coming up to Black Friday and they showed me the amazing shots you could get with a 45mm lens and I took the plunge. It TRULY WAS LIFE CHANGING!!! The 45mm Lens gives the perfect depth of field. You can use it for portraits, food, beauty shots, details, whatever you want! It does pull you in quite close to the subject, so you might have to step back a little and you can’t zoom in, but otherwise, it’s the PERFECT lens for so much.


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My Olympus Pen Camera Kit

These days I have a whole heap of Olympus Pen Lenses; 8mm, 12mm, 17mm, 30mm, 45mm, 60mm and the kit lens and I still stand by the 45mm lens 100%! The Olympus pen camera with the Kit lens (for filming and landscape / group shots)  and the 45mm (for anything close up and stunning portraits is basically all you need!


So here’s the deal… I spent around £450 on my Olympus PEN-8 and then around £200 on the 45mm lens (which I bought on Black Friday sale) but RIGHT NOW, Olympus are doing both the PEN-8 and the 45mm lens for £349 (use code EPL8FREE45). It’s an amazing discount and honestly, this is the camera I use for about 80% of my photos and the kit lens is perfect for filming and pretty much everything else. If you are a blogger / youtuber / instagrammer / small business owner and you are wanting to buy a great camera which takes beautiful shots and is as easy to use as an iPhone, then this is what you need and this is an amazing deal. I’m going to put some photos in this post, but I just wanted to share it with you, because honestly, I paid almost double for the camera and lens!!!!


PS. Sorry for the word vomit and the rambles, but honestly, I love this camera and I just wanted to get it across fast how good it is! Also, this post contains affiliate links.

Olympus pen 8 45mm camera lens review




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  1. November 1, 2020 / 11:39 am

    I love the Olympus Pen with the 45mm! I can’t believe how good this deal is – I got mine on a deal together but it was still around £500 so this is a real bargain. I’d also love to know about your other lenses! Which you recommend, etc – I only have the 45mm! 🙂
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety