Let’s Chat September Faves!

vintage hand chair review margate

Let’s Chat September Faves!

My friends! How the F is it October?!! I honestly can’t get my head around it! Anyway! I’m still in a bit of a self-proclaimed lockdown over here in Margate. I’ve not eaten out, been anywhere exciting or really done anything exciting! Woe is me. I have however been very busy with my Airbnb apartment and buying oodles of things I have absolutely no need for… wanna know more?!

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Podcasts I’ve Been Loving…

Since the beginning of lockdown, I’ve been trying REALLY hard to avoid true crime podcasts. Mainly because as interesting as they are, they can kinda bring me down and right now, it all feels a little like we are living in a podcast… you know what I mean?! Anyway, I’ve been binging The Alarmist HARD, which is really fun and strangely seems to calm my anxiety – even though I feel like it should fuel it! I’ve also been loving Endless Thread, Family Secrets, The Bechdel Cast and No Bleeps. Oh and The Cut is back, which makes me very happy! WBU?

vintage hand chair ebay wood vintage carved

My New-To-Me Vintage Hand Chair

I bought this vintage wood carved hand chair this month and I know it’s VERY ugly to some people, but I really love it! I bought it on eBay and I blogged about it here!

A Personal Milestone…

This month I completed a bit of a personal milestone!!! Watch the vid, let me know what you think!

jean paul gaultier le male le parfum intense review mens 2020

Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Le Male’

My friend Beth who works in PR gifted me a bottle of the classic Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Le Male’ and I gave it to my boyfriend (it’s a mens fragrance, I’m not just that ungrateful that I give away gifts!) Anyway, my boyfriends’ been wearing it and I’m kinda loving it! He used to wear this fragrance all the time yearrrrrssss ago and it truly stands the test of time! It’s VERY intense, long lasting and high quality, and quite frankly a treat to the scenes with it’s blend of vanilla, cardamom, iris and lavender! It’s lovely and my boyfriend is loving it! I don’t know how you guys feel about fragrance during lockdown, but I’m loving it! It’s such a mood lifter!

chanel 90s flap shoulder bag review. vintage gold hardware

Decorating My Hallway…

I swear, there has been SO many editions of my hallway! I flippin’ love rearranging the furniture in here and this is one of my fave set ups for a while! Leopards, Chanel, fancy lamps and all! I can’t WAIT for Christmas, bring on the grotto!!!! This has been one of the hardest rooms in the house to decorate so every time it feels a little more ‘Right’, it makes me so happy!

Nordgreen Best Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Anticipation!

Over lockdown I decided to make a big long list of all the shoes, shoes, homewares and accessories I want to buy and if I’m honest, I’m waiting for Black Friday before I do my splurging! There’s always so many great deals to be had and this year I want to take advantage!! I’ve already got my eyes on a few things from Anthropologie and some other cool brands. I’m really loving the Nordgreen Best Black Friday Deals too for their watch faces and strap bundles so you can change your watch for different occasions!

spiral bobble rainbow purple invisibobble


This month I got a lovely email from a lady who was recently made redundant due to covid and decided to start a business making spiral hair bands. They say there’s no good time to start ¬†business, but I have so much respect for her for going for it, especially now! I love her super colourful spiral bobbles and the rainbow ones are a real treat! Check out there Spirabobble website and if you have a business idea you want to go for… maybe now is the time!

Look Fantastic Advent Calendar

Like everyone, I’m kinda obsessed with the Look Fantastic advent calendar! It’s so good I did TWO Vids about it, one where I unboxed the entire thing and the other where I pulled out the 10 best bits… here’s the latter vid! give it a watch and see what the fuss is about!

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Home Cooking

Since we went into lockdown in March, I can count on 1 hand the amount of times I’ve eaten out, had coffee out, had a take out or well… anything out! It’s been crazy as I’m usually the kind of girl who loves a take out coffee, or a freshly made falafel or even a portion of chip shop chips on the beach, but this year, I’ve barely eaten a meal or drank a drink that’s not been prepared by me or my boyfriend. At first it was easy, but as time went on, we started getting a little bored of the stir fry / lentil curry / bolognese rotation, so we started visiting the farm shop more and venturing into the world of recipes a little more and you know what… I feel like we have become better cooks because of it. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for chips and pea fritters on the beach again, but it’s been nice learning to cook a few more meals!

: ecooking-skincare


I bloody LOVE ECOOKING Skin care! I have been using this Moisturising mask as an night cream / sleep mask and I LOVE it. It’s perfect for my dry skin and is totally natural, raw, organic and amazing. I also love the hand cream, hand wash and multi balm! Such a fan!!!

gordon the black labrador


Finally, Gordon, who is always my favourite! Here he is cuddled up with George in bed! Aren’t they the cutest?! Gordon has been amazing for us during this year, I have treasured out walks more than I could ever have imagined and he’s always there for a cuddle! If you are looking for answers for your pet or trying to find the best food or dog beds or anything, I highly recommend the website Why Do Pets who have some really great posts on why they do what they do and also the best food for each breed. It’s worth checking out!


And that’s it! Now it’s your turn… also is it just me or is this year just blurring into one?! Also, this post contains some press samples and affiliate links. This post also contains sponsorship from Why Do Pets and Nordgreen.