How To Get Sponsored Instagram Posts… With 3,000 Followers!

How To Get Sponsored Instagram Posts... With 3,000 Followers!

How To Get Sponsored Instagram Posts… With 3,000 Followers!

My friends, today I want to share some information on how to get sponsored instagram posts with just 3,000 followers. I’m going to chat about what to expect when you start to post sponsored content, how to follow a campaign brief, how to know which collaborations are right for you and also some general do’s and don’ts. I really hope this post is going to be of help as it took me a long time to get my first sponsored instagram posts and I actually had 15,000 followers before I made any money from my account. So I personally think this is pretty amazing, especially if you are starting out as an influencer!

How To Get Sponsored Instagram Posts

In my experience, most sponsored blog content will come from brands in-house or external PR, generally when there is a brand launch or surrounding a season like christmas. If a brand is working with a handful of influencers, they can usually handle the project in-house or with their agency, but if they are working on a HUGE launch and they want to work with hundreds of influencers on sponsored posts, then they might reach out to an influencer agency to help with this. These are the kinds of agencies who you can work with if you have just a small following. They generally work a little differently to an in-house PR agency. There is less back-and-forth, less conversation and there is generally a very simple brief which you follow, it gets approved and then you get paid. These agencies are working with a LOT of influencers on each campaign and they want to keep it simple for everyone, which is actually much easier for both you, as an influencer, as well as them, the agency.


How To Apply For Sponsored Posts

So, there are a number of influencer apps and agencies you can apply to work with, but the one I want to chat to you about today is TRIBE because these guys accept Instagrammers with just 3,000 followers. So if you have more than 3,000 followers and you take nice, clean, beautiful imagery, you could start making some extra cash from your instagram account. The first step, is applying. Click here if you want to apply to TRIBE:

How Does Tribe Work?

Once you have been accepted to join Tribe, you just download the app, log in and scroll through the campaigns. You will see a variety of projects, often up to about 50 and you can apply to as many or as few as you want. I will often go months without applying to any and that’s ok, where as others will apply every day! It’s totally up to you! The campaigns are across categories like pets, tech, fashion, beauty, food, travel, events and so much more. If you are interested in the brand / product, click into the campaign and then see if you like the sound of it and you meet the requirements (number of followers, age, sex, niche etc) and if you do, you can create the content to submit for the project.

Advantages of Tribe App

  • There are loads of campaigns to choose from
  • You can apply for as many campaigns as you want
  • You can apply to as few campaigns as you want
  • The briefs are simple to follow
  • You tell them how much you want to be paid
  • You can have as few as 3,000 followers
  • Once your content is approved and posted, they pay fast
  • It’s a good way to practice creating content to a brief
  • It can help you start working with brands and other brands might approach you once they see you posting sponsored content


What is ‘Content First’?

Tribe work on a ‘Content First’ basis. This means when you see a brief in the app, you shoot the content BEFORE you are accepted onto the campaign. This means you MIGHT NOT get accepted onto the campaign, even though you have essentially done the work. Which can be frustrating. The trick is, only produce content for products and brands you already own, so you don’t waste any money and try to nail taking lovely photos, in a short period of time. Also, if you are applying for a few campaigns, try and shoot them in one session, you can change your tee shirt or lipstick to switch up the shots a little, but doing variations on one shoot rather than setting up multiple different backdrops and themes will save you a lot of time! It’s a bit of a gamble, but always be aware that your epic shoot might no be accepted, so don’t be spending the whole weekend nailing the perfect shoot and £500 on flowers, because if they say no, you will feel like a piece of your soul has been crushed! instead, keep the shot pretty, candid and casual. It will probably feel more authentic to you anyway!

How much do Tribe pay?

This is kind of a ‘how long is a piece of string?’ question, because it all depends on how many followers you have an how high your engagement is and how suitable you are for the campaign. When you apply to a Tribe campaign, YOU tell THEM how much you want to be paid when you submit your content, if they are happy with the content and the price, they will accept, but if they think your price is too high, they will ask you to lower your price slightly. If you are unsure as to how much you should charge, then they have a graphic which gives you guidance based on your follower count.



Do Tribe send the product?

Generally no. There are a few campaigns and a few instances where they will send you the product, but generally you need to have the product already and I would recommend not buying anything especially for it, just apply for the campaigns where you already own the product. If you aren’t accepted for the campaign and you spent say, £10 on the product and 2 hours shooting it, you will be disappointed and a bit annoyed you wasted £10 and 2 hours. But if you already have the product and take a nice, but fast shot, it won’t feel so wasteful if you don’t get the project.

However, there are a few occasions where Tribe WILL send you the product. You still have to apply and submit an image, but you submit an image similar to what you would post if you got the campaign. They will select their instagrammers based on these images and if you are chosen, they will reach out and ask you for your address.

Disadvantages of Tribe

  • You create the content before you get accepted to the campaign. Which can feel like a huge waste if you have spent a long time creating the content
  • There is no direct conversation with the brand, just the agency and that is minimal
  • You have to own / buy the product before you apply for the campaign… which you might not get. This is why you should only apply for the campaigns where you already own the product or you were planning to buy it already!

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My Tribe Review…

So there we have it, How To Get Sponsored Instagram Posts… With 3,000 Followers! Personally, I wish Tribe had existed when I started blogging, as I had around 15,000 followers before I got my first shred of payment and I think my next payment came around 5,000 followers later. Tribe would have been a lifesaver for me and also given me a good idea of how much to charge, as I was honestly clueless! It’s a great app to use if you are a new influencer and want to start working with brands and get some practice creating content to a brief, which is truly a lot different to creating non-sponsored content. Some influencers complain that Tribe isn’t ‘worth their time’, but quite frankly, they are lucky enough to have brand approaching them directly, not everyone is that lucky. I personally only apply for tribe campaigns once in a while, but I think  it’s amazing for new and smaller bloggers or if you have a dry spell. I would also advise anyone not to spend TOO much time or money creating the content, nor would I advise anyone to buy products they don’t already own or plan to own, but Tribe definitely serves a purpose and if you want to make a little extra cash, girl, go get your coin, but if you don’t want to use Tribe, don’t use it!

I hope this post is of help! Let me know if you have any questions, as I’m always happy to help!

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