How To Choose Your Perfect Desenio Gallery Wall! (SALE ALERT + EXTRA DISCOUNT CODE) AD

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How To Choose Your Perfect Desenio Gallery Wall!

Before we start… This post has been sponsored by Desenio, all opinions are my own! Get an extra 10% off Desenio‘s 30% sale this weekend with the code FASHIONFORLUNCH. Not valid on frames nor handpicked/personalised prints and only for a limited period, but it’s a discount code worth having!!! Valid until midnight 12th October! 

Hello my friends! Today I want to chat about all things Desenio art prints because I’m a bit of an addict and I get a lot of questions about them, so today I thought I would do a deep dive into all things Desenio, how to choose them, the quality, the price, the shipping, how to hang them, how to choose them and how to choose the best ones for you and your home! When it comes to wall art, I’m SO picky and a lot of thought goes into it, so please excuse me if I get a little nerdy in this post!  OK! Let’s go!

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How To Choose Desenio Prints – The Quick Way!

Let’s be real here, I can SPEND HOURS on the Desenio website, it probably took me 6 hours of scrolling and screen grabbing in order to finalise my selection you see here! I know that sounds crazy, but there is SO much on the Desenio website and there are SO many amazing prints. You just want to keep searching and searching because you never know what might be hiding behind the ‘Next’ button. Plus I might see something I like but then it takes me forever to find prints which I like to sit alongside it. It’s a lot of fun and it’s kind of like a creative puzzle, but admittedly, this isn’t for everyone.

So, for those of you who just want to head over to the Desenio website and choose a beautiful gallery wall, you can literally do exactly that. You can browse the gallery walls and buy the frames, prints and have the layout perfectly planned for you in one simple click. They have curated the PERFECT gallery walls, so you don’t have to. Just click this link and scroll through the gallery walls and buy the one you like and suits your home, the best! Done! Alternatively, if you are looking for a series of two prints that look good together, head over to the Perfect Pair page, and you will see a whole load of Inspo of prints which look stunning together.

To make things super easy, Desenio also allow you to shop gallery walls according to rooms too, for instance, if you are looking for a gallery wall for your childs bedroom – done! Or kitchen; nailed it! Or maybe you want to shop by theme, like Fashion, Floral, Maps or the Uber-fashionable Line Art.

Finally, if you are just looking for single prints for a statement piece or an unfinished corner, just head over to the bestsellers page where there’s a stunning selection of beautiful and easy-to-style prints for literally every home. Easy!

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How I Choose Desenio Prints

Ok, so there’s SO many easy ways to choose Desenio prints, however I like to choose the hard way… by scrolling and scrolling and scrolling!!! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it, it’s like a creative challenge and the entire website is eye-candy, so it’s truly a pleasure spending so much time scrolling through so many images! Personally, I love scrolling the Handpicked, New Arrivals, Art Prints and Vintage collections and bookmarking / screen-shotting my fave designs. Then I use the search bar to type in colours or themes I want to see, for instance ‘Pink’, ‘Orange’ or maybe even ‘Rainbow’ or ‘Palm’ just to see what I find. When I land on prints I love, I click into them and scroll down to see the ‘Others also bought’ to see if any other suggestions come up which I might not have spotted previously. I also like to see how Desenio have styled up each print as their styling is stunning and it gives me so much Inspo to see where and how I could hang the prints in my house. For instance, I LOVE this print and I would never have thought of hanging these under-and-over, I would have gone side-by-side, but actually, they are so much more interesting this way!

Once I have scrolled and scrolled and filled my head with colour and Inspo, I look at all my screen grabs and start piecing together the shapes, colours, themes, typography and trying to put together a gallery wall or pairing that I love and suits the room. Once I have a selection of about 4-5 prints I love together, I head over to the Templates For Your Gallery Wall page and choose a configuration which works for the space I have to fill. This really helps to choose the layout and see how the frame sizes will look together. Then I simply order the frames and the prints in the sizes I need. Although for my wall, I decided to just have four prints the same size and display them in a row as I wanted them to mirror the shape of the sideboard.

Admittedly, I could have spent way less time choosing one of the pre-selected gallery walls, but I had SO much fun doing it my way and I LOVE the colours together against the yellow wall!

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How To Hang Desenio Prints

Whilst you could use nails, or raw-plugs and screws to hang your prints, I’ve learnt the hard way that actually I’m better using Command Strips to hang my Desenio Prints. I hate ruining the perfectly skimmed walls, plus when I want to refresh the corner, it means I can do it in a jiffy without having to fill holes and repaint. They cost a tiny bit more than a hammer and nail but they save a huge amount of time and damage, so for me, it’s Command Strips all the way! It’s also the perfect option for renters who don’t want to loose their security deposit!

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Watch My Desenio Video… PRESS PLAY!

How To Choose Your Desenio Frames – And Frame Review!

As much as I love professionally framed art, it’s SO expensive, I paid almost £100 last time I got something framed and actually, I wasn’t 100% happy with the result. I really like the Desenio frames, they are simple, fit the work perfectly and look nice and uniform as part of a gallery wall. Personally, I always choose the black frames as I like my frames to match, but you can get white, wood or even copper coloured frames, but for me, it’s black every time! Instead of glass they use a thin plastic / perspex sheet which looks good, I don’t think you would notice the difference. But this helps to keep the cost of the frames low and they weigh less too meaning they are easier to hang with Command Strips. It’s also means they don’t damage in the shipping process. The prints are easy to fit into the frames, I think it took me around 5 minutes to frame all four of these, plus the prints fit perfectly inside the frame, so no need to mount them! Easy!

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Have fun! Wall art should be the finishing touch to every room, the cherry on top, or in my case, the orange on top! So have fun with it, play with colours, shapes and prints and don’t be afraid to be adventurous! It might feel meaningful to you, it might be a reminder, or it might just be a fun design which sparks joy! But whatever it does, have fun with it and if you change your mind, move it into another room, order a different print and mix it up again!

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Get an extra 10% off Desenio‘s 30% sale this weekend with the code FASHIONFORLUNCH. Not valid on frames nor handpicked/personalised prints and only for a limited period, but it’s a discount code worth having!!! Valid until midnight 12th October! 

This post has been sponsored by Desenio. All thoughts are my own.

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  1. November 1, 2020 / 11:46 am

    I love the prints you’ve picked, they are so bright and fun. I had no idea that Desenio do pre-picked gallery walls, that’s actually a genius idea and I’ll definitely be exploring that! I get so overwhelmed on that site cause there’s so much to choose from and I want it ALL, so that will be very helpful!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety