Five Reasons Why I Love Clean Space Candles


Five Reasons Why I Love Clean Beauty Collective Candles

Hello friends! Today I want to have a quick chat about the many reasons I love Clean Space Candles. In case you have never heard of these candles, they are part of the Clean Beauty Collective brand, who make the most amazing sustainable perfumes. They are truly a treat and you might have heard me bang on about how much I love them a few times! Anyway! Today we are going to chat about the Clean Space candles… y’all ready?

They are made using soy wax

Clean Beauty Collective candles are made using a 100% natural, vegan soy-blend wax. When it burns in your home it won’t release toxins in to the air like paraffin waxes will, instead it burns clean which is better for your lungs and the environment.


Two wicks are better than one!

To avoid tunnelling (when a candle burns unevenly and loads of wax is wasted) Clean Space have put not one, but two cotton wicks in their candles so it burns down super evenly and no precious soy wax or fragrance is wasted. It also looks really pretty flickering away in the corner and the scent fills the air faster. I wish more brands did this!

Super chic fragrances

I LOVE Clean Reserve perfumes and these Clean Space candles are equally stunning! There’s not as many fragrances to choose from in the candle line, but personally I love Fresh linen for it’s clean and comforting notes of vetiver and bourbon. But if this doesn’t sound like quite your style the try the Rain or Warm Cotton. They are all so beautiful and elegant!


Sustainably sourced ingredients and fair working practices

Clean Beauty Collective are committed to sustainability and fair working practices. Their pots are made from recycled glass, their products are vegan, paraffin, sulphate, gluten, petrolatum and so much more free. They are also committed to the farmers they work with, always paying fair trade prices as well as working with them to improve their communities, resources and education. 

Where you spend your money matters

Finally, just a reminder to us all – myself included. Where we spend our money matters now more than ever. When we support brands like Clean, we are supporting sustainability, the environment, fair working practices, education and so much more. Their quality and product measures up to the best of the best, but their working practices can’t be beaten! And their products are on a par with the best of the best! 

Go Shopping! 

…And there we have it, a little love for Clean Beauty Collective, I hope this post was of interest and if you have any questions, let me know. Also it might be worth reading this post on the best Clean Reserve fragrances. This post contains press samples and affiliate links.