Chanel Wallet On Chain Review: Most Popular Chanel Bag?

Is the Chanel Wallet on Chain bag Worth The Money? review woc bag handbag

Chanel Wallet On Chain Review

My friends, Today I want to do a full Chanel Wallet On Chain Review, this is one of the most popular Chanel bags on the market and today we are going to chat price, practically, how to style, size, design, what fits inside and SO much more! I truly want to give you all the information you need to know before you splurge on this handbag and if I think it’s worth it or not! As always if you have any questions, please do let me know! I’m always happy to help and chat all things Chanel!

Why I Bought The Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag

I hate to admit it, but I never intended to buy the Chanel wallet on chain bag, I always thought it was cute, but I thought it was too small for me in terms of the fact that I’m not a slim person and I was worried it would be too small for me in terms of what fits inside. I always liked it a lot, but I just didn’t think it was for me. However, my boyfriend kindly bought me a Chanel brooch around 2 years ago and it wasn’t quite my style. I considered keeping it so it wouldn’t hurt his feelings, but Chanel is too much of a luxury and too expensive not to love. So I waited a few days and asked him how he would feel about us swapping it for something else. He kindly agreed and together we went in store (please make sure you go in within 2 weeks of purchasing if you do want to exchange anything) and we scoured the shop to see what we could find. I honestly spent hours and the sales assistant was SO nice and so kind, and I almost got a different brooch and a pair of boots (the brooch he had bought me was a whopping £800 – he must have been feeling VERY generous that day!!) but eventually I decided to get the Chanel wallet on chain bag and add £1000 to it to make it happen. It was cute, practical and it felt like a better buy than a pair of velvet boots and another brooch. I’m SO thankful I went for the bag as it turns out, it was a great investment!

Is the Chanel Wallet on Chain bag Worth The Money? handbag review

Chanel Wallet On Chain Price

As I mentioned above, I had returned an £800 brooch and added £1000 to buy the Chanel wallet on chain bag which made it £1,800 around 2 years ago (early 2018). In 2019 the price of the bag was around £1,900 and now in late 2020, the price is around the £2,000 mark. On the Chanel website, I couldn’t find the wallet on chain in caviar leather which is the one I have, but I could find it in the lambskin which tends to be the same price as the caviar leather. Obviously with pearl straps and extra embellishments and different leathers, the prices are higher, but if you are looking for a simple, classic wallet on chain, the current price is around £2,000. Obviously the price rises vary every year, but I think if you estimate the prices rising around £100 every year, you would be about right.

How To Style

The Chanel wallet on chain bag is surprisingly versatile. It can be worn with everything from a cocktail dress to a pair of jeans and white blouse. It’s great for summer or winter and looks just as good with a cute summer dress on holiday as it does worn as a cross body bag over a chunky tweed coat in the winter. It’s a true go-everywhere bag and it’s one of the few Chanel bags I would feel just as comfortable wearing out to dinner as I would throwing it over my shoulder and popping to Asda! It’s also a great ‘second bag’, what do I mean by this? Well, if you are at the airport and you want an easy cross body bag to put your cards, cash, phone, keys and travel documents in whilst you drag around your wheely suitcase, it’s perfect! Similarly, if you are heading to work and you carry a laptop, you could put your essentials in the wallet on chain (cards, cash, phone, lipstick) and pop your phone charger, notebook and laptop in a simple tote bag and carry the two bags. Then you always have your essentials close at hand and when you nip out for a meeting or for lunch,  you just have to carry one small neat bag. Simple! But truly, the Chanel wallet on chain bag is perfect for every season, smart and casual looks and is never so ostentatious that it feels obscene!

The Most Popular Chanel Bags

  • Chanel Wallet On Chain
  • Chanel Classic Flap Bag
  • Chanel Reissue Bag
  • Chanel Boy Bag
  • Chanel Deauville Bag

Chanel Wallet On Chain Review

What Fits Inside A Chanel Wallet On Chain

The Chanel wallet on chain is a much smaller bag than the medium classic flap, but surprisingly, it doesn’t hold much less! Why? Because the classic flap has more leather lined compartments, which take up a surprising amount of space as well as a double flap which takes up more room than you might expect. Also, with the classic flap, there is no wallet features built into the bag (card holder slips, a zip section for cash) so you need to carry a purse with you, where as the wallet on chain literally is a wallet and therefore you don’t need to carry a wallet, which can often take up a lot of space! Personally, in my wallet on chain bag I can fit my phone, lipstick, small set of keys, small portable phone charger and lead. I could probably slip in a face mask too! It’s designed to only fit the bare essentials, but when you aren’t carrying a wallet in your bag, you have a lot more space! The sides of the bag do expand so it’s got a little more depth than you might expect, plus it’s a cute, small, streamline bag so it’s easy to wear in addition to an overnight bag, wheely case or extra tote bag. Bigger shoulder handbags can be a bit of a nightmare when you have extra luggage!

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Wallet on Chain Compartments

The Chanel wallet on chain has a back slip pocket, enough space for 6 cards, a zip money section and 2 internal slip pockets for anything else you might need and a main big section. It’s compact but it’s practical. Personally I find the money section handy for storing my keys, so I don’t scratch my phone and I use the slip pockets for my headphones. I usually carry around 2/3 cards and I use the main section for my phone, lipstick and face mask.

Is the Chanel Wallet on Chain Bag Crossbody?

chanel wallet on chain bag back caviar back view

Chanel Wallet on Chain Quality

I had heard rumours that the Chanel wallet on chain bag wasn’t as a high quality bag as other Chanel bags, which I massively disagree with. I have quite a few Chanel bags in my collection and the wallet on chain compares perfectly. The box it is presented in is more like a shoe box style (with a lid) rather than a fold-out style bag like the Classic flap bag and the dust bag is made of simple cotton rather than a soft cotton fleece style fabric, but aside from the packaging differences, the leather, hardware, quality, construction and finish is just as perfect as every other Chanel bag. I have heard others say that the WOC in the Boy bag design lacks a little, but I can’t judge that one as I don’t own it, but the classic style I have, is perfect!

Is the Chanel Wallet on Chain Bag Crossbody?

Yes it is! You can wear the wallet on chain bag as a cross body bag, long shoulder bag or as a clutch bag. The chain isn’t removable or adjustable, but you can wrap the chain around the flap to make the chain strap shorter, but generally I wear mine as a shoulder bag or a cross body bag. But it’s nice to have options!

Most Popular Chanel Bag?

Is the Chanel Wallet on Chain bag Worth The Money?

OK! So this is a big question! Firstly, I do want to mention that this is an expensive bag and I do have a lot of respect for money and hard work. However, I tend to buy less, but see my purchases as both a huge treat and an investment. I am fully aware that I spent £1,800 on this bag and it’s a LOT, however, I also look after it because I know that if I ever decide I need the money or no longer want this bag, I can resell it and get a really great amount for it. Which I always factor into my purchases. I recently saw a second hand Chanel WOC bag exactly the same as mine sell for around £1,800, which is exactly what I paid for mine. Chanel bags are built to last and thanks to the price rises, it means that you bag is often a pretty good investment!

I don’t have any plans to resell my Chanel wallet on chain, but since we are asking if it’s worth the money, it is important to consider the resale value. One thing I would mention though, is if you do think you might one day resell your bag, then I would personally advise you to go for a harder wearing style of leather, like the caviar leather, which is what I have. This is much more durable and built to last, where as the lambskin leather is soft and beautiful, it’s not designed for every day use and it can be damaged by rain, nails, keys and colour transfer. Where as the grainy caviar leather bags will look a lot better for longer and therefore retain their prices better.

I never expected to wear the wallet on chain bag as much as I do. Over the years I have found it super handy for everything from lunches to supermarket runs to fancy dinners, exhibition openings and shopping. It’s lightweight and practical and just feels fancy but not ostentatious. Sometimes I will be wearing a Chanel bag and it will feel a little ‘too much’ for the occasion, where as I never feel like the WOC is too flashy. It feels practical, easy and handy, which I love. Also, some of my other Chanel bags are quite heavy, where as the WOC is comparatively light, which is make it really comfortable to wear, especially for long periods of time. I love not carrying around a heavy wallet and most of the time, I feel like the wallet on chain gives me just the right amount of space to store my essentials.

Chanel Wallet On Chain Review: Most Popular Chanel Bag?

Chanel Wallet On Chain Review

Personally, I would say, if you have the money, go for it! I would say to play it safe and get it in the black caviar leather as it’s the most versatile and will probably retain it’s value the best. The caviar leather is much harder wearing which will mean you can wear it every day and feel less precious about it. The Chanel annual price rise usually happens around April, so if you are planning on buying it soon, try to buy it before April to save a little money and if you are struggling to choose between gold or silver, I would advise you to go for gold if you have more of a vintage style and silver if you like more modern, minimalist styles.

All in all, the Chanel wallet on chain is a brilliant bag which I personally use all the time. I would say it’s my most used Chanel bag, with the Deauville bag coming in a close second! As always, let me know if you have any questions!

Go Shopping!

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   Is the Chanel Wallet on Chain bag Worth The Money?



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