Why I LOVE Murad’s Vita-C Glycol Brightening Serum!

Murad's Vita-C Glycol Brightening Serum! review

Why I LOVE Murad’s Vita-C Glycol Brightening Serum!

My friends, today I want to share a little love for the amazingness which is Murad‘s Vita-C Glycol Brightening Serum. I was first introduced to this product by British Beauty Blogger, she did an IGTV on it and wore literally no face / base make up, just a little eyeshadow and lipstick and her skin looked INCREDIBLE and she credited it to this product. Jane always has wonderful skin, but it looks especially bright and wonderful when she was using this product and after her post I was SOLD! Next thing I knew, I was religiously using this product too and I was also hooked… Let’s chat!

The Science…

I’m not gonna pretend to be a scientist here, hell, my degree is in painting, what the hell do I know! Anyway, let’s be honest, Dr Murad can explain this product way better than I EVER could, so forgive me for copying and pasting the website information, but this short paragraph explains everything you need to know!

“Pollution and UV light can accelerate skin damage through oxidative (free radical) stress. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that supports healthier-looking skin and can help prevent visible skin damage like hyperpigmentation, dullness and uneven tone. Glycolic acid rapidly resurfaces and removes dead, dulling surface cells to reveal more radiant skin, and clears the way for vitamin C to penetrate skin more effectively. Formulated without fragrance and artificial colors; ideal for all skin tones and skin types, from oily to dry.”

Murad's Vita-C Glycol Brightening Serum!

My Thoughts on… Murad’s Vita-C Glycol Brightening Serum

Before we get into this, I do want to address the fact that this serum is not cheap. It has a hefty price tag and I feel like I need to acknowledge it. Sure there are WAY more expensive serums on the market (I saw a serum the other day that was just casually priced at £230!!!) but there are also much cheaper serums out there. However, I will say with this serum, you do truly get what you pay for! It really does make a visible difference to your skin health, radiance, brightness, texture, literally everything. In fact, it’s worth buying a cheap and cheerful cleansing routine and holding back on the face masks in order to buy this one product, because it’s truly worth it!

OK, so now let’s chat about this serum! Well first off, it’s stored in two parts in the bottle which evenly dispense out to create one super serum. It’s got a slightly thicker-than-usual constancy, but still light enough to cover the face evenly and absorb fast. Whilst you can use this serum over the face, neck and chest, I personally just use it on my face as I would rather target it on just my face and get a little more use out of the serum this way. Like I said, this stuff is magic and I don’t want to waste it! When it’s applied, you can LITERALLY feel it working on your skin, it’s not a tingle, but it’s almost like you can feel it’s active ingredients giving your skin cells a kick up the butt. Y’know!? It feels good, it feels effective and it’s not uncomfortable at all. Then follow up with face cream and make up and you are good to go.

Then after a couple of week, maybe three weeks, suddenly my skin looked brighter, fresher, tighter and a little less… well, in my case, sallow! I just look a little more alive and that’s when I realised, it’s the Murad serum! Just as Jane promised, my skin looked better; brighter, more radiant and more even. Which I love because I do tend to get hormonal redness around my chin which has significantly improved, as have my dark circles. It’s not eradicated them completely as I don’t use this serum around my eyes, but it did something! Which is pretty impressive as I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately! Anyway, that’s my review, I bloody LOVE this serum and I wanted to share a more in-depth review with you. I hope it helps, I hope it makes sense and if you are tempted to give this product a go, I really would! Buy a cheaper cleanser, sign up to the mailing list (see below!) and do yourself and your skin a favour!

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Just a heads up folks, if you are shopping this or anything else from Murad, you can save 15% on your first order by signing up to the mailing list. Just thought you might want to know! You know I love a cheeky discount!

I hope this post is of help! Let me know what you think and please note this post contains both affiliate links and press samples. You might also want to read this post about the Murad City Skin Age Defence which is also amazing!

Murad's Vita-C Glycol Brightening Serum! review 2020

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