Vintage Haul… You NEED To See What I Found In My Loft!!!


Vintage Haul… You NEED To See What I Found In My Loft!!!

My friends! I’m back again with another vintage haul! I don’t know if you remember my last post, but I went up into my loft and I dug through a bunch of old boxes and bags and found some super cute vintage treats! I did a post on it and got some nice feedback on it and so when I was next in my loft, I found some more vintage treasures to show you… if you are a lover of vintage and kitsch, then this post and video is for you!

My Vintage Story

For a long time, I bought almost exclusively vintage, I LOVED it! I would get up early for car boot sales, roam around vintage markets, charity shops, vintage stores and I ended up with a flat filled with vintage treasures. When we moved from London to Margate we packed everything up into boxes and put it all into storage whilst we renovated. Over the years, I replaced my clothes, crockery and everything else and five years on, my vintage treasures are still in the loft! During lockdown I set myself the challenge of trying to sort through the loft and in the process I found SO much vintage I totally forgot about! I filmed a video a few weeks ago and my subscribers asked me for another, so I delivered! My friends… here’s my vintage haul! Highlights include my vintage Smarties mug – did you have one?! A Shoe People pencil case, a My Little Pony vintage satchel, a seashell print Versace top and a Victoria Plum Jewellery box… but honestly, there’s SO much to see! Watch the video!

Watch The Video…PRESS PLAY!

My Favourite Places To Shop For Vintage…



The Real Real – For designer bags & shoes – use code REAL for 20% off

Beyond Retro – For clothes and accessories


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  1. Erin
    September 9, 2020 / 10:47 pm

    Aaaah its all so cute! I love the mug so much – I’m sure I had it lol

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