Jo Malone ‘Fig & Lotus Flower’ & ‘Cypress & Grapevine’ Review

jo malone london cyress and grapevine cologne review

Jo Malone ‘Lost In Wonder’ Collection

My friends! Today I want to share the Jo Malone ‘Lost In Wonder’ Collection with you all. This is the new fragrance collection from the iconic fragrance house and it contains two new fragrances; ‘Fig & Lotus Flower’ and ‘Cypress & Grapevine’. ‘Fig & Lotus Flower’ is a fresh fig based fragrance from the classic collection and ‘Cypress & Grapevine’ is a dark, woodsier fragrance from the Cologne Intense collection. Both fragrances are inspired by ancient hanging gardens and can be worn alone, or layered up together to create something magical!

jo malone london cyress and grapevine cologne perfume review 2020 launch

Jo Malone ‘Fig & Lotus Flower’ Review

Jo Malone ‘Fig & Lotus Flower’ is made up of notes of fig leaf, lotus flower and vetiver. The dominant accord is the fig leaf and the lotus flower adds a touch of warm florals and a heavy aquatic note which makes this fig based fragrance really unique. Also, it’s not mentioned in the description, but I’m sure there is a hint of lemon at the top adding a zesty accord and a touch of mint leaf which adds to the green-ness and the freshness. The base also has a rich green note, but this time it’s vetiver which takes on more of an aquatic twist thanks to the lotus flower. To me it takes on more of a moss-like vibe, but a little fresher. If you love green-based fig-heavy fragrances like I do, I think you will LOVE this one! It’s delightful!

Jo Malone ‘Fig & Lotus Flower’ combines with: ‘Wood Sage & Seasalt’, ‘English Pear & Freesia’, ‘Lime Basil Mandarin’ to make it fresher and Spring/Summer. Alternatively you could pair it with ‘Oud & Bergamot’, ‘Bronze Wood & Leather’, ‘Dark Amber & Ginger lily’ and ‘Cypress & Grapevine’ to make it a little warmer and Autumn/Winter.

jo malone london cyress and grapevine cologne review

Jo Malone ‘Cypress & Grapevine’ Review

Jo Malone ‘Cypress & Grapevine’ is a warm, woodsy, aromatic fragrance. It’s part of the Cologne Intense collection which means it’s created using slightly more rare and exotic ingredients and they tends to be more potent, intense and more complex fragrances. Jo Malone ‘Cypress & Grapevine’  features notes of cypress, grapevine and moss giving it a very woodsy, intense, moodier, midnight forest vibe. Whilst there’s hints of freshness with the cypress, it’s a much more of a dark, woody and resinous fragrance. I love slightly more intense and maybe ‘masculine’ fragrance, so this is a winner for me, but if you are wanting more of an easy, clean green fragrance, then ‘Fig & Lotus Flower’ might be a better blind buy. Both fragrances are very green, but whilst ‘Fig & Lotus Flower’ is warm, ripe and aquatic, ‘Cypress & Grapevine’ is more woodsy, earthy and overgrown, and perhaps a touch more masculine. The fragrances are two sides of the same coin; both very green, but one aquatic, fresh and reminiscent of spring mornings, whilst the other is mossy, rural, woody and more of a Winters’ night fragrance.

Jo Malone ‘Cypress & Grapevine’ combines with: ‘English Pear & Freesia’, ‘Tuberose Angelica’ and ‘Fig & Lotus Flower’ to make it fresher. Alternatively you could pair it with ‘Jasmine Sambac & Marigold’ or ‘Oud & Bergamot’ to make it warmer. It will always be more of an evening / winter fragrance, but you can give it a fresher and warmer twist by combining it with other fragrances from the collection.

jo malone london cyress and grapevine cologne review

‘Lost In Wonder’ Fragrance Combining

Jo Malone ‘Cypress & Grapevine’ and ‘Fig & Lotus Flower’ have been created to be worn alone or layered up together. Personally I LOVE this combination of the two together; when layered they create something super special which I’ve never seen before from Jo Malone. The two fragrances transform into a warm, woodsy, green fragrance which is super addictive, beautifully complex, dramatic, aromatic, fresh, exotic moody, sweet, spicy and exciting! Give it a go! It’s wild and wonderful!

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Watch My Jo Malone ‘Cypress & Grapevine’ Video

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jo malone london cyress and grapevine cologne review


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