How To Use Shower Oil & Which One Is The Best?

l'occitane almond shower oil review 2020 How To Use Shower Oil & Which One Is The Best?

How To Use Shower Oil & Which One Is The Best?

My friends, today I want to have a quick chat How To Use Shower Oil & Which One Is The Best? I first discovered them a few years ago and since that time, I’ve been a huge convert, but today I want to chat about how to use them and which is the best! I share my favourites, why I love them so much, how to use them and why they are perfect for those of us with dry skin! 

How to apply a shower oil?

According to L’occitane, you apply in shower onto wet skin. Then lather and rinse. It cleanses and moisturises in one and leaves your skin clean but not stripped. Alternatively, you can double cleanse your skin, perhaps after a work out and use a soap / shower gel first and then finish with an oil to give a second cleanse with a bit of hydration. Alternatively you can use it as a bath soak, just a few drops is all you need, it will emulsify with the water and turn into a milky consistency.

What are the best shower oils?

What is the best?

I love all three of the oils above, they are all absolutely stunning, however, for me I have to admit, I do adore the L’occitane Almond oil. It’s a wonderfully rich oil and smells stunning. It’s quite a simple scent which layers beautifully with every perfume I wear and the price point might push it into the ‘luxury’ category, but it’s attainable for daily use, especially when you buy the refills which are £28 for 500ml. Which is pretty amazing considering the 250ml bottle is £19.50 – and worth every penny I may add!

How does it work?

Oil is great for those with dry skin. It works much like a cleansing balm or oil for your skin, it cleans and lifts off dirt and grime without stripping the skin. It’s especially good if you have very dry skin or during the winter months. It’s also great for the summer and keeping your legs looking radiant and healthy. My like a face cleansing oil, it lifts the dirt away from your skin and rinses away, without leaving skin dry, tight or stripped. 

How it it different to shower gel?

Much like soap, but not as harsh, shower gels will cleanse your skin and leave it feeling stripped. Where as oils will gently cleanse skin and leave it feeling hydrated and smooth. Also a shower gel can be used with a pouf to exfoliate your skin, where as a shower oil is applied directly onto skin with hands and leathered before rinsing.

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Is shower oil good for skin?

Yes, shower oil is great for the skin, especially if you have dry skin. It gently cleanses the skin and leaves skin feeling hydrated, softly scented and comfortable. It is a hydrating and nourishing alternative to soap and shower gel. 

Do you use shower oil in the shower or after?

You use shower oil in the shower and rinse it off before you exit the shower. It cleans skin and lifts of dirt and grime gently whilst leaving skin hydrated and comfortable. It is especially good for those of us who have dry skin. Shower oil is different to body oil, which you apply when you come out of the shower, usually when you are still damp so it soaks in faster. 

Is oil or soap better in the shower?

Both shower oil and shower soap will effectively cleanse your skin, however soap is a lot more stripping of the skins natural oils, so soap may leave your skin quite dry. Where as shower oil will gently cleanse your skin and leave it feeling hydrated, soft and comfortable. Shower oil often leaves your skin lightly scented too, it’s a far more luxurious product. 

What ingredients should I avoid in soap?

  • Parabens
  • Sulphates
  • Synthetic fragrances

Go Shopping!!

I hope this post is of help! I love beauty oils and this L’occitane Almond is a true favourite of mine, it smells amazing, it’s affordable and refillable… plus it leaves my skin super soft and supple! Also, this post contains affiliate links and press samples. You might also like this post on Tropic Skincare multi use balm. 

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