August Favourites! It’s Been A Wild Ride!

vintage peacock chair wicker mid century 1970's styling

August Favourites!

My friends! Can you believe we have just hit September?! It’s WILD! I honestly don’t know where the year has gone and I can’t believe how much we have missed this year – festivals, Olympics, My Chemical Romance concerts… it’s been a LOT! Anyway, today I’m sharing my monthly faves and I hope you like! In short, the month has been VERY airbnb and house focused… both have kept me VERY busy!!


As always, I’ve been listening to a LOT of podcasts this month! I’ve been loving a lot of my old favourites, The Alarmist, Criminal, Root of Evil (i relistened when I was doing the airbnb clean!) and This American Life. I’m also super excited because The Cut podcast is BACK!!! Also, if you have any podcast recommendations for me, please let me know!

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I don’t watch a huge amount of TV these days, but I absolutely LOVED The Speed Cubers, which is all about competitive Rubik’s cubing. I’ve never been able to do a Rubik’s Cube in my life, so the idea of someone being able to solve one in seven seconds, is beyond me. However, this Netflix Documentary was so much more and I’d recommend to anyone! I also loved Cheer, if you haven’t already seen it, it’s SO GOOD!!

margate airbnb apartment best places to stay in margateAirbnb

Our Airbnb apartment has been SUPER busy this month, it’s been wild!!! We have literally been back-to-back with guests and it’s been a lot of work, as well as so much fun!!! I’ve met so many lovely guests and it’s such a joy to have it open again and help my guests have the best weekend ever!!! If you want to have a stalk of my airbnb, here’s my link!

kitchenaid black fashion for lunch kitchen

My FIRST EVER Banana Bread!

This month I tried my FIRST EVER Banana Bread!! I’m not even kidding! I have never tried banana bread and this month my boyfriend took the old bananas we had and made not one, but two loaves of it! Firstly, yes, I know, how have I never tried this before! Secondly, OMG why did I wait so long!!! We also used our KitchenAid for something other than bread making, which was very exciting, although I guess banana bread is actually kinda bread. Oops!

jo malone london cyress and grapevine cologne review

Jo Malone ‘Fig & Lotus Flower’

Just a quick shout out for the new Jo Malone ‘Fig & Lotus Flower’ cologne, this just came out and I’m kinda smitten with it already! I’m a big fan of fig based fragrances and this one is green, leafy, figgy and has a touch of lemon, mint, floral tones and vetiver. It’s green, earthy, fresh and slightly aquatic and I’m here for it!

sachajuan hair in the sun

Sachajuan Sun Hair Care

I was recommended this Sachajuan Sun Hair Care by this by my mum an it’s been amazing for summer as I spend SO much time outdoors with Gordon. I was finding my hair was getting REALLY brassy with the sun, so I used some purple tone shampoo to take it down a notch and then helped my sun out a little with Sachajuan Hair in the Sun and Hair After Sun and it helped protect my hair from drying out and also going super brassy. I haven’t had a haircut since BEFORE lockdown so this has really helped me out this long hot summer! Thanks for the recommendations mum!

vintage peacock chair wicker mid century 1970's styling

I bought A Vintage Peacock Chair!

This month I was running errands and on the way home, I was walking past a vintage store and spotted this amazing vintage peacock chair!! I *thought* I didn’t need it and I didn’t buy it and by the evening, I was like GIMMEEEEEE THE CHAIR!!!!!!!! And I went back the next day to buy it!!!! I absolutely love it and I’m so happy I go it! As for the price… it was a steal at £75!!

Teapigs Cold Brew Flavours peach and mango review cold brew 2020

teapigs Cold Brew

I’ve been trying REALLY hard to drink less coffee and drink more water recently and it’s been great! I’ve cut down my caffeine – which I was drinking too much of during lockdown! yikes! And I’m definitely drinking wayyyyy more water too! I have a bottle by my desk and I pop a teapigs cold brew tea bag inside and it tastes great! I’m not into squashes or anything that tastes artificial so this is really delicious and natural (they use only natural ingredients)  and I noticed that the days I didn’t put a cold brew bag in, I actually did drink less water, so that’s good to know that not only am I enjoying it more, because it tastes so good, but I am drinking more water because it’s SO delicious and refreshing! My fave flavour is Apple and Cucumber, just so you know! and if you use the code KIRSTY20 on the teapigs website, you can get 20% off everything at teapigs!

My New Chanel Bag

Oh la la! I’ve barely used a handbag in the past 4 months, so it might seem crazy to buy a new Chanel bag, however, I couldn’t resist it!! It’s a 90’s flap shoulder bag with beautiful bright gold hardware. It’s a small size bag, but it’s surprisingly deep which makes it nice and roomy on the inside! It fits wayyyy more inside than my Chanel WOC and it’s a nice lightweight bag thanks to it’s leather (rather than chain) strap! Isn’t it adorable?! Ok.. now all I have to do is leave the house!

urban decay ultraviolet palette review

Urban Decay Ultraviolet Palette

Ok, so there’s not a chance I could even consider wearing some of the stunning purple tones on the right hand side of the Ultraviolet palette, but the softer left hand side is totally me! It’s SO nice to have a little UD back in my life again and it’s reminded me how dreamy their eyeshadows are! Also, is anyone else swooning over the Naked Honey palette?! It’s on my Wishlist!

Vintage Haul

Finally, I dug through my loft and did a vintage haul of some old treasures I totally forgot about!!!! I thought you might like to see some of the treats I found… click ‘Play’ on the vid above if you want a bit of a vintage haul treat!

…And there we have it! My August Faves!! I hope you like! Let me know what your faves are! Also, this post contains some press samples and affiliate links.



  1. September 7, 2020 / 10:12 am

    I’m still loving that peacock chair you found – looks so good! x

  2. Erin
    September 9, 2020 / 10:49 pm

    Your new bag is flipping STUNNING! I love it! Get back on the audible bandwagon though! 🙂