Roja Parfums ‘Harrods Parfum Pour Homme’ Review


Roja Parfums ‘Harrods Parfum Pour Homme’ Review

“Evocative of walking into Harrods for the very first time, this scent opens with an enlivening blend of Citrus notes, instantly drawing you in with the temptation of the unknown. As you venture further, you become immersed in the hidden depths of Vetiver, Woods and Labdanum. Before you know it, the store has captured your heart. Redolent of the inimitable luxury that pervades every corner of this world-famous store, this creation brings to life the thrill of losing yourself in Harrods – the labyrinth of luxury.” 


Top Notes: Lemon, Bergamot, Lime, Orange, Bitter Orange, Litsea Cubeba, Lavender, Thyme

Heart Notes: Geranium, Rose de Mai, Neroli, Jasmin de Grasse, Ylang Ylang, Violet

Base Notes: Galbanum, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Juniper, Casmir Wood, Vanilla, Orris Sur Cèdre, Orris, Labdanum, Ambrarome Absolute, Musk


My friends! Today I am SO excited to share the new Roja Parfums ‘Harrods Parfum Pour Homme’ with you all! Last year I fell in love with another one of Roja’s exclusive to Harrods fragrances, ‘H’, which made me SO excited to try this new fragrance, because I truly believe that when Roja and Harrods collaborate, magic happens!

Roja Parfums ‘Harrods Parfum Pour Homme’ is truly wonderful! It’s a warm, fresh, dry citrus fragrance with a unique and exciting twist! The fresh citrus notes of lemon, orange, lime and bergamot notes combine with grassy and green accords of herbaceous thyme, oakmoss, vetiver and patchouli. There’s also some soft florals at the heart of the fragrance, geranium, rose de mai, neroli and ylang ylang; these florals are subtle and add a little extra depth and richness to the fragrance. They don’t distract from the beautiful citrus, green and earthy accords, instead they help build extra layers of warmth and a filing of luxury into the fragrance.

At the base of the fragrance, there is layers of beautiful woodsy and earthy tones which blend beautifully with the last o the fresh citrus and green accords. Of course, in true Roja fashion, he adds a touch of warm sweet orris, as well as oppulent amber and vanilla into the fragrance to add extra excitement, luxury and magic. On the surface Roja Parfums ‘Harrods Parfum Pour Homme’ is a really beautiful luxury citrus fragrance, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find there’s so much more warmth, sensuality and richness. Much like the iconic London store, there is always more wonder to be found around the corner. If you love Roja and you haven’t found the perfect citrus based fragrance from the collection yet, then you need to try this one! It’s wonderful!

Go Shopping!

Roja Parfums ‘Harrods Parfum Pour Homme’ is out now and available exclusively from Harrods and Roja Parfums, online and at the Burlington Arcade store. There is also a Roja Parfums ‘Harrods Pour Femme’ fragrance and Roja’s guide to how to apply cologne which you might also want to check out!



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  1. Erin
    August 23, 2020 / 10:35 pm

    It sounds incredible, I love an earthy scent like this, it’s so pretty too!

    Erin || MakeErinOver