Our Margate Airbnb Apartment Is Back Open + It’s Even Bigger Now!

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Our Margate Airbnb Apartment Is Back Open

My friends! I have been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now but in all honesty, I’ve just been really really really busy! I’m so happy to tell you our Margate Airbnb apartment is back open after lockdown! I so missed having guests and it’s so lovely to meet everyone (at a good distance of course!) and give them a lovely place to stay whilst they are in town and help them plan out their trips too! This summer we wanted to make our Airbnb even bigger and better than ever, which is why we have added in a cute little terrace section. It’s at the back of the apartments and you can open the French doors and step outside to enjoy a morning coffee or have a take away as the sun sets. I’m so happy with it and all our guests have commented about how lovely they have found it, some have even used it as a work out space to do a little yoga before they start the day!

Watch Our Margate Airbnb Tour Video!

I made a little video and I just wanted to let you know it’s back open and if you want to have a snoop on their Airbnb website, you can do so here. We have a couple of dates left in August and a fair few left for September too, but we are getting booked up fast, so if you want to book in, please do so soon!

Health & Safety!

Also, in the interest of safety, I just want to mention the cleaning procedures quickly. We have always kept our Airbnb in super clean condition and our cleaner really is amazing. It’s not a space we ever use, so it is just for our guests which mean we don’t have our clothes in the cupboards or personal items around which I think helps keep it clutter free for our guests. However since lockdown Airbnb have been amazing and given us extra cleaning guidance which includes ventilating the space before it’s cleaned (I want to keep us and our cleaner safe!) and information on how to clean, sanitise, check and reset the apartment ready for our next guests. We are lucky we have a huge skylight and French doors, so it gets plenty of UV light and I’ve even left a pack of detol wipes in the apartment so if any guests want to leave wipe over anything for their own piece of mind they can. Safety first!

Anyway, watch the vid and if you want to have a stalk at my place on Airbnb, feel free!

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  1. August 5, 2020 / 10:04 am

    I can;t wait to come and stay! It looks incredible x