How To Buy A Chanel Bag For £1000… OR LESS!!

chanel 90s flap shoulder bag review. vintage gold hardwareHow To Buy A Chanel Bag For £1000!

Hello friends! Today I want to chat about How To Buy A Chanel Bag For £1000! Now before we get started, I do want to point out that £1000 is still a lot of money and I want you to know that I respect money and savings and how hard we all have to work for £1000. However, if you have ever stepped inside a Chanel boutique, you will probably know that £1000 in Chanel, doesn’t get you very far! Their smallest bag, the wallet on chain is £1900, so as much as £1000 is, in Chanel, it doesn’t go very far. Anyway, last week I bought an AMAZING authentic Chanel bag for £1000 and I want to tell you how, where, why and give you all the details!! Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how flippin’ cute it is?!!

My Chanel Bag Story…

I know this sounds terrible, but at the time of buying this bag, I didn’t need a new Chanel bag. I already have a nice Chanel collection and it was mid-lockdown where I wasn’t even leaving the house. So, did I need a new Chanel bag? Technically, No! However, there was a Bonhams Action’s Designer Handbags & Fashion sale coming up and I found myself browsing the catalogue and putting in a few tiny bids here and there. I didn’t buy high amounts, in fact, most of them marginally above the lowest estimate. When it comes to shopping at auction I try not to fall in love with anything and I generally steer clear of the real show stoppers which I think will do super well. Instead I pick out a few things which are super cool, but maybe not everyones taste. There was a big patchwork tote I wish I had tried to get… similarly I should have tried a bit harder for a green satin Diana bag. However, I did manage to get this little cutie and I’m SO happy I did!!! Introducing… my new 90’s black caviar Chanel Flap bag! It’s a cute little shoulder bag with gold hardware and I can’t deny I LOVE it! As for the price, including buyers Premium it was £1,020. Which is less than half the price an equivalent bag would be in store and this is even better because it’s vintage and unique and feels even more special because this style doesn’t exist in store anymore!

My Vintage Chanel bag Reveal Video!

My Bag In Detail…

So, let’s chat about my bag quickly! It’s dated to around 1997-1999 and it is a single flap shoulder bag. The strap is a medium thickness so it’s comfortable without being too imposing. It’s made from black caviar leather which is a fairly flat quilt and it’s got shiny gold hardware which even after all these years is still a bright deep shade of gold. It has a back slip pocket and an internal slip pocket and an internal zip pocket too. It’s a mid-size bag but also fairly deep so it fits a little more inside than you might assume. Also, because it has a leather strap rather than a chain strap, it’s a little lighter and more comfortable to wear than most of my other bags which mostly have chain straps. It has the serial code sticker on the inside, it comes in it’s original dust bag and it has the authenticity card with it too. In short… it’s perfect! And for £1,020, I’m absolutely thrilled with it! Also, if you want to see my bag on the Bonhams website, here it is, inc. the proof of how much I paid for it!

chanel 90s flap shoulder bag review. gold hardware

chanel 90s flap shoulder bag review. inside the bag clasp hardware hardwear

Where can I buy authentic Chanel bags online?

When it comes to buying Chanel online there aren’t many places I trust. My personal faves are:

Also, just a quick note, please be super careful where you buy your preloved Chanel from, if it seems too good to be true it usually is. You need to buy from a seller / store / auction house which authenticates each item and guarantees the authenticity too. There are very few places I trust because I would rather buy brand new Chanel at retail price, than a fake at preloved price and discover I’ve bought a dupe. My handbags are investments and there’s no such thing as an investment replica.

chanel 90s flap shoulder bag review gold eyelets hardware

What is the cheapest Chanel bag?

If you were to walk into a Chanel store today and buy the cheapest bag, then it would be the Chanel Wallet On Chanel bag. There is a smaller pouch / phone case style bag, but realistically, the smallest and cheapest is the Chanel WOC which is £1900 in the UK. On the preloved market, you can pick up your Chanel bags for less though, much like I did with my vintage flap bag!

chanel 90s flap shoulder bag review. black slip pocked

Is Chanel bag a good investment?

Yes! Especially if you keep it clean and in good condition! Personally I would advise to either buy a classic style in a timeless colour, or to buy something really special and collectable, like a runway piece, like a pearl clutch, a lego bag or maybe the graffiti backpack. This new bag I bought for £1000, I definitely consider to be an investment!

How do people afford Chanel bags?

Some people that buy Chanel bags are really rich, I’ve seen them in store and it’s like me in asda, ‘I’ll take that one, that one and I’ll grab one of those just in case!’. It makes my mind boggle! For me, Chanel is a luxury once-in-a-while purchase and truly, It’s a special occasion to even go in a boutique, let alone buy anything! I got a stunning bag for my 30th birthday and a few more of other occasions or even when there’s been spare money. But over the years as the price points have risen higher and higher, it’s gotten harder for me personally afford Chanel at retail prices which is why I am now a Chanel pre-loved devotee! Also, I try to buy less, but buy better and that definitely helps me afford a Chanel bag once in a while!

chanel 90s flap shoulder bag review.

How can I get a cheap Chanel bag?

Firstly, it depends on what you consider ‘cheap’ but if you are looking for an authentic Chanel bag at a better-than-retail price, then I would personally suggest buying at Auction like I have done. It does take a little more time as you have to wait for a sale, place your bid and risk loosing out, but if you are willing to take you time, then you can get amazing Chanel bags for incredible prices like I did! Personally, I would recommend Bonhams Auctions or Chiswick Auction house, alternatively you can get some great deals on The Real Real by using the discount code REAL for 20% off.

Go Shopping!

Anyway! There we have it! My new Chanel bag and How To Buy A Chanel Bag For £1000! I hope this post is of help, please do ask me if you have any questions, I LOVE chatting Chanel! Also this post contains some affiliate links.