Hello Summer!! Let’s Chat July Faves!!

pink drawers upcycling project pink door london fashion for lunch blogHello Summer!! Let’s Chat July Faves!!

My friends! WTF!!!! As if July is over!!!??? HOW?!!?! Honestly, thanks to lockdown I still feel like it’s April right now?! Am I the only one?! Anyway, I thought I would share some of my favourite things of the month with you, AKA my july faves …Y’all ready for this?!

isle of wight tomatoes waitrose

Tomatoes Of Dreams!

This month we treated ourselves to the most amazing box of Isle Of Wight tomatoes!! We got them from Ocado and they cost £10 and honestly, they were the best use of £10 EVER! We made so many delicious salads with these bad boys and I am so tempted to order another box this month!

sanctuary spa hand sanitiser hand gel

Sanctuary Spa Hand Sanitiser

No joke, it’s SUCH a relief to be able to buy hand sanitiser again and this month I was super happy when the Sanctuary Spa Hand Sanitiser popped through my letter box!! It smells pretty good, kind of like the classic Sanctuary Spa smell mixed with alcohol – as you would expect! After a few minutes the smell of alcohol lifts and it actually smells really pleasant. It’s a generous size, but still handbag friendly and truly, it’s given me a lot of joy this month!!


Blackberry Picking!

The blackberries have started to come out and I’m SO happy!!!! I got to scrump my first few batches and now they are washed and in the freezer ready for when the apples are ready to pick and my mum and make crumble for us all! I’m SO excited!!! Blackberry picking is a true joy in life! And yes, my hands are scratched from the thorns already!


L’occitane ‘Verveine’

This new cooling and invigorating range from L’occitane is giving me SO MUCH LIFE every morning! It’s part of the Verbena collection, but a little fresher, zestier and sweeter. The shower gel is a total mood lifter, the body gel is hydrating and cooling and the refreshing leg mousse is perfect as a cooling pre-bed treat. I love L’occitane at the best of the time, but this range is perfection for the hotter months!

bread baking lockdown

Bread Baking

I started baking bread during lockdown, so I would be able to leave the house less often and alas… I’m still baking bread now!!! I have the best granary bread flour and honestly, it tastes amazing! It’s especially good with Cadbury’s Caramel spread on top!

christophe robin shampoo colour shield

Christophe Robin Hair Care

This month, my friends at Christophe Robin surprised me with some of their amazing and iconic Hair Care! I LOVE this brand so much!!! I had my hair cut and coloured by him and his team in Paris a few years ago and it was truly the best hair cut I’ve ever had! I now am a true devotee to his hair care and I’m SO happy to have some new products to use! Once you go Christophe Robin, you won’t want to use anything else! His sea salt scrub is also amazing and everything in the Rose range is perfection!

pink drawers upcycling project pink door london face furniture

Podcasts I’ve Been Loving

This month I have been listening to ‘Family Secrets’, for interesting stories of … you guessed it, family secrets. I’ve also been listening to ‘The Alarmist’, which I’m sure I’ve told you about before and I LOVE it! I’ve also been working my way through episodes of ‘This Is Actually Happening’ and ‘Endless thread’. So many podcasts… so little time! Anyway, go subscribe to them all!

desenio prints stay up all night new york travel print colourful haul margate colourful home airbnb margate

Our Airbnb Is Back Open!!!

I’m so happy!!! Our Airbnb is back open and it’s SO nice! It finally feels like things are getting back to normal and I’ve loved meeting all our lovely guests!!!! Oh and this Summer, our airbnb is bigger and better than ever because we have a terrace now too! yay!!

Loft Thrifting

This month I have continued clearing out my loft and honestly, I have found SO much goodness! I made a video of it, go check it out! There’s SO much joy in there!!! Press play above and if you want to subscribe to my youtube channel, please do!

Kate spade cherry print dome bag handbag July Faves

And Finally… I bought Myself A Kate Spade Bag!

Ta DA!!!!! Isn’t it adorable!??!!? It’s the Kate Spade Dome bag in cherry print!! I LOVE!!! I’m SO happy with it!!! I am going to write a full blog post about it soon, but until there… hello cherry!!! Oh and if you want to watch me unbox it… here it is!!!

…And there we have it!! My July Faves! I hope you like and let me know if you have any questions about anything I mentioned!


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  1. August 5, 2020 / 10:06 am

    I’m all about the tomatoes tbh – my highlight of July too! x