Atelier Cologne ‘Cleméntine California’ Review (+ Quentin Monge Collaboration!)

Atelier Cologne Clementine California X quentin monge 2020 perfume bottle

Atelier Cologne ‘Cleméntine California’

“Cleméntine California evoke sunshine, blue skin and endless miles of sparkling beachfront, unbottled”

Atelier Cologne x Quentin Monge

My friends, I’m back again to share a review of one of my favourite fragrances with you; Atelier Cologne’s ‘Cleméntine California’, as well as some details about their summer collaboration with French artist Quentin Monge. This limited edition bottle (100ml) depicts the summer time vibe of the fragrance and it’s quite simply, the most fabulous luxe enamel makeover imaginable! The 30ml bottle is plain blue glass and comes with a leather slip featuring more of his art work, but if you ask me, it’s all about the 100ml bottle, so if you tempted, go for the bigger size!  Oh and when you spend over 80euros, you can claim your free Quentin Monge, which is worth 60euros. Use the code POUCH2020 at checkout to claim yours (available until 9th August 2020).



Juniper Berries


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Atelier Cologne ‘Cleméntine California’ Review

So, let’s chat about the fragrance shall we! I have actually reviewed this perfume on my YouTube Channel in the past because it’s absolutely stunning and a best seller from the brand. It’s their signature scent and quite frankly, it’s a zesty, summertime joy! This unisex fragrance contains notes of clementine, juniper berries and vetiver and it’s made of the highest quality natural origin ingredients. This fragrance embodies everything the brand is known and loved for; bright sunshine citruses, outstanding quality and simple yet sublime combinations of natural ingredients. Atelier Cologne don’t clutter their fragrances, they let the natural ingredients speak for themselves and they play with just a few accords which blend beautifully together.

Atelier Cologne ‘Cleméntine California’ opens with a sunshine-filled note of ripe and juicy clementines. It’s punchy, warm, fresh and lively. There is also a wonderful hint of fresh, delicious juniper berries, which is playful and reminds of red berries and pomegranates, but a little more lively. Finally, at the base there is dry, warm, grassy vetiver. It’s smooth, comforting, quietly sensual and balances out the sparkle of the clementine and the playfulness of the berries and gives the fragrance an air of elegance, maturity and a more unisex feel. It’s a touch spicy and leathery and also gives the fragrance a deeper, richer accord and adds longevity to the fragrance. If you are new to Atelier Cologne, this is the fragrance you need to try first and if you love it, make sure you get this limited edition Quentin Monge bottle, because the fragrance has never looked so beautiful!

Atelier Cologne x Quentin Monge ‘Cleméntine California’ is out now and available from Atelier Cologne. Also, if you are looking for something a little more moody, then try ‘Iris Rebelle’ from the brand, it’s really unusual and a bit more edgy!

Atelier Cologne Clementine California X quentin monge 2020 perfume bottle Atelier Cologne Clementine California X quentin monge 2020 perfume bottle


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    Ok this packaging is INCREDIBLE! I love it x