The Elizabeth & James Perfumes you NEED To Know About!

Elizabeth & James the best fragrances

The Elizabeth & James Perfumes you NEED To Know About!

My friends! Today I want to share what I think are the three best Elizabeth & James perfumes with you all. These are the creme de la creme of the collection and I’m so happy to share this post and the video with you all! Also, before we get started, Elizabeth & James are the fragrance brand of Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, and no shade to celebrity fragrance lines, but this is not you average celebrity fragrance, they don’t use their name to sell the line and it’s not a commercial, fruity floral collection. It’s a brand in it’s own right and it just so happened to be created by the uber chic, well respected style icons, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. So please, before you judge, have a sniff, this truly is a fantastic collection. If you like brands like Tom Ford and Amouroud, but you want a touch of subtly, then Elizabeth & James may well be your new favourite brand! OK! Let’s dive in!

Elizabeth & James ‘Nirvana Rose’

First up, the stunning Elizabeth & James ‘Nirvana Rose’, which is a stunning blend of rose de mai, germanium and vetiver, also it’s not mentioned, but I think there’s a hint of saffron and oud in there too. It’s rich, rose-filled, smoky and spicy, without being too intense. If you love fragrances like Atelier Cologne Cafe Tuberosa or Tom Ford’s Cafe Rose, this one reminds me of both of those, but less potent and if I’m honest, more wearable!

Elizabeth & James ‘Vanilla Bourbon’

As you might already know, I’m not the biggest fan of heavily vanilla fragrances, but this one is really special because the vanilla notes are not too dominant and it’s blended with a rich and opulent blend of boozy bourbon whiskey, vanilla, tuberose and oakwood. Elizabeth & James ‘Vanilla Bourbon’ reminds me of fragrances which retail for double the price in terms of it’s luxe value, but not the over-powering intensity. If you love something rich, decadent but office -friendly, then Elizabeth & James ‘Vanilla Bourbon’ is a winner!

Elizabeth & James ‘French Grey’

Finally, I think this is my favourite of the collection; Elizabeth & James ‘French Grey’. I love this one because it’s elegant, unisex and sensual with it’s notes of neroli, lavender and musk. However, it gets an extra special place in my heart because it’s incredibly unique. It’s unlike any other fragrance I know, it’s effortless, lovely and uber chic. For me, this is the signature fragrance of the brand and it’s massively underrated!

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I hope you like this post and video! Let me know if you have tried any Elizabeth & James fragrances and if you have any questions, please do let me know! Also this post contains affiliate links and press samples.

Elizabeth & James the best fragrances